iPhone 3GS Supreme only for the seriously rich

How well off are you for cash? Fancy having the most expensive Apple iPhone ever? Well you can if you can hold back the tears, wrench open you bank account and shell out a rather heart stopping $3.2 million, that’s £1.92 million for us Brits, and is called the iPhone 3GS Supreme.

According to an article over on techeblog, designer Stuart Hughes has done up an iPhone 3GS smartphone with such bling as 22 carat solid gold body, showered with 190 diamonds, and all this iPhone bling can be yours for that absolutely filthy price of £1.92 million.

Those diamonds on this (only for the seriously rich) iPhone are 136 diamonds on the front bezel and only 53 flawless sparklers on the rear logo, and a very rare 7.1 cts diamond on the navigation button.

This most luxurious of luxury iPhones was apparently commissioned by some Australian businessman. Oh for the life of those who can actually afford such extravagancies, having said that if I had £1.92 million I wouldn’t spend it on an iPhone.


One thought on “iPhone 3GS Supreme only for the seriously rich”

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