HTC Incredible Accessories: Extra 1500mAh Capacity Battery

If you own the HTC Droid Incredible you know there is not a lot of accessories available for the handset yet, well official ones that is. There have been a few issues with battery life with the Incredible so far, which you can read about here.

If you are experiencing problems with your current battery then we can see the new 1500mAh battery will do you good, this battery offers 200mAh more than the current one the Incredible comes with.

The HTC Droid Incredible extra 1500mAh battery (CODE: 35H00123-22M) is now on sale via HTCPedia for only $49.99, the last time we looked they had 163 items still in stock.

This battery is the same size as the standard battery but with a little extra capacity; please do let us know if you are having issues with your current battery that came with the HTC Incredible smatphone in the comments area provided below.


8 thoughts on “HTC Incredible Accessories: Extra 1500mAh Capacity Battery”

  1. Mike says:

    I have had the Incredible for 1 week. I have to shut ALL programs off to save the battery. I am only getting about 9 hrs of life after a FULL overnight charge. VERY disappointed!!! What is the point of having this phone if you have to leave everything off! When you ask Verizon about the issue they say they have no complaints…Do they read ANYTHING on the internet? Love the phone, just wish I could use it?!?

  2. Have owned the Incredible since the day it came out and so far have no complaints. The battery life isn't great but considering all that this phone does it is no surprise. I have to charge mine every night, and I I use it a lot sometimes more. By the way, this phone is.. well…. INCREDIBLE!!!

  3. Di- says:

    I agree with Jax; I charge the phone every night. When I have time to play around with it, I use a lot of battery life. I plan to get a car charger so I can add on energy if I’m on the road a lot.

  4. Philip says:

    I have had the Incredible for about 3 weeks now. It seems that the battery is getting better. It does seem to last me all day now.

  5. Sarah Warren says:

    I have had the incredible for 3 days and while I LOVE the phone I HATE the battery life. I use email, texting and Facebook throughout the day and after charging it all night I have to charge it again before leaving work to help it last until I go to bed around 10. Not good if I am on the road or away from a house or hotel room.

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