HTC Incredible Reviews: What’s been said so far!

The HTC Droid Incredible was all the rage before it was released on Verizon Wireless and we ask our readers to send in their personal reviews and opinions about this device.

We have been reading very closely at what our readers have sent in and it does not look that good for the HTC Incredible at this point, some have said battery life is poor, the camera sticks out too much, screen does not work properly and many more complaints are still coming in.

Is this handset really that bad? Or is this the case we are only receiving the bad and not the good, please read a couple of the mini reviews sent in by our readers, you can see all what has been said here also.

The Good: Camera, Performance and UI. The Bad: Battery Life (I get about a waking day, seems a little less (but not much) than I got with the Moto Droid), Camera sticks out of the back more than I’d like (won’t lie flat), Plastic around USB port is fragile (mine broke in less than a week, seeking warranty replacement). Commenter malachi also said that some apps don’t work the same way as they did on my Moto Droid (screebl uses 58% of my battery if I run it for a day compared to 3% on the Moto Droid)

Another commenter called Gavin Helme said: Mine sucks, it worked great at first but now the screen does not work and the phone has a mind of it’s own. Called Verizon today and their response was literally that I am the only person to ever call in with a problem. Two master resets later and it still doesn’t work. I asked for a replacement, they said no problem they might be available around the 15th. Are you kidding me? What lousy customer service. They can’t even support what they sell.


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  1. salva13 says:

    These comments seem very biased and these must be defective devices that were shipped to these individuals. Although i can agree with the battery issue i think a good extended replacement will do the job.

  2. Deb J says:

    I have had my Incredible since April 29th and have had zero problems with it. Every app I have downloaded has worked properly, the signal is good, and the processor is extremely fast. The phone quality is great. I can't even find the words to say how happy I am with this phone. It truly is incredible.
    DJ Pittsburgh 5-7-10

  3. sam says:

    I don’t know… I have really liked mine. So far no battery issues and I am writing this on the device while listening to rhapsody. Can’t ask for much more 🙂

  4. Illinois User says:

    I've had my Incredible for a week now, and I think it the best phone out there. I compared it to a friends iphone and although the iphone has more apps, the speed and clarity of the screen put the iphone to shame. I love it. Although the battery life is alittle short, the phone is processing quickly and running alot of things at the same time. Great phone. I getting another one for my son as soon as they are available.

  5. Milos says:

    I have a HTC Desire (UK Version). I also have an iphone and wanted something different. Im very pleased with the Desire it does everything I did on the iphone extremely well.

    Only criticism is the Market store… poor compared to Apple's App store and most importantly the battery life is AWFUL. Even with almot everything switched off… and in idle mode, it uses in excess of 50% of my battery life. If i use the phone as designed Im lucky to get a morning out of it.

    I dont think that we should have to purchase a higher gradde battery, HTC should be offering it as an Enhancement!!

  6. barbshop says:

    OK, I've only had the phone for 2 days, but so far I have found it to be close to "incredible." I previously had the LG Dare, also a touchscreen phone, but it does not compare. I have found the screen and UI to be very responsive, no problems so far with any of the apps or widgets. It has performed very well so far. Now in honesty, I do agree that the bottom cover is a bit more flimsy that I would have expected on a phone of this caliber. I can see how, if this is unprotected, it would be possible to crack or break it. And yes, the battery life is not as good as I would like, but as someone else said, considering all you are doing with the phone, maybe not so surprising. I need to give it more time, by so far, it's been great.

  7. ravenwhale says:

    I got my phone on May 1st and it was the last one available at Costco on that day. I am very impressed with all aspects of this phone. I had an LG Dare before. The screen is amazing and the speaker very good for a small device. I like that is is so lite and fits well in my top shirt pocket. I compared it with a friends iphone this weekend and other than more apps, the iphone has nothing on this phone. The iphone looked very old and clunky compared to the Incredible. The iphone's screen did not come close to the quality of the icredible's screen, and the Incredible's screen is bigger! I could go on and on and am enjoying learning all there is to know about this phone and how to customize it with all the different and beautiful live wall papers and screens. It has gone beyond my expectations. And yes, the battery seems to only last a day at this point, but I usually plug my phone in while in the car, and when at home so it has not been a problem. Plus, I can't put it down at this point, and perhaps that will lessen and time goes by. Get this phone! (If you can!)

  8. Rob says:

    I was very fortunate in that I got my Incredible at Best Buy, it was the last of two remanining. They said that they are getting shipments more rapidly than Verizon. Check it out.

  9. Heather says:

    If you read forums about the issues you have with your device, you will find many solutions.

    1: Battery Life- Simply turn the phone off after it shows 100% on the screen, Then unplug the cable and plug it back in. Wait until the light turns green again. Batteries ALWAYS charge better when the device is turned off- be it camera, phone, laptop,net-book, you name it. Also, I recommend cycling your battery now and then. Let your phone die completely- until it shuts down- charge your phone, while it is turned off, until the light turns green, then unplug and plug it in again and wait for it to turn green AGAIN. My battery has lasted up to 17 hrs on one charge!!! I also turn of the data when I'm not using it-like at work. You can still make and receive calls and send and receive text messages. Same with bluetooth and GPS. Use WIFI if availble- it helps save battery life.

    2:Camera Sticks out to much, phone doesn't lay flat- It was MADE to be that way. The camera sticks out so that when you set the phone on a flat surface the speaker on the back does not get muffled. If you want it to lay flat- a case can solve this.

    3: Plastic around usb port is fragile- It isn't. The paint on mine has started to wear, however the plastic doesn't have a scratch or ding. The only thing I can think of that might make it "fragile" is if someone was trying to shove the charger into it without aiming- just wobbling it around until it plugs in.

    4: App battery consumption: I have not had a problem with this- though I've not had Android prior to this device so I cannot say there is a difference.

    5: Replacement Phone: OK!! It is not up to Verizon to decide when you will be getting the replacement phone. This is not LOUSY customer service!!! They are on back order due to shortage of AMOLED screens- which is what comes on the Incredible. However it is rumored that they will be replacing the screen with Sony's Super TFT LCD screen, thus providing a solution to the cause of the backorder. Verizon does not control the manufacturing of the phones. They cannot MAKE Samsung manufacture more screens faster AND/OR force Samsung to give them these screens. It is not lousy customer service. It's a manufacturing issue that starts at the beginning of the chain!

    As a conclusion I will tell you the problems that I have had with the phone:
    1: Freezing-This began from when I first got the phone. I thought it may have been an app issue, so I unistalled the app I thought was causing the problem. IT stopped. It has now started freezing again. I think I may request a replacement because of this issue.
    2: Keyboard will disappear while I am typing. Occasionally it will not show up at all. So I have to close whatever program I am in and restart- Hoping the keyboard will show up the second time.
    3: Creeky battery cover. On the back right side of the phone the battery cover creeks really bad. It may not annoy some people, but it really gets to me; It make the phone feel cheap. So I got a body glove and the prevents the side from creeking!

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