Palm Pre Plus coming to AT&T with 3G MicroCell 16th May

It looks like Palm may finally be on its way to reach AT&T in just over a week. An article over at electronista.com gives us further information.

A memo has been revealed and it shows that the AT&T version of the Palm Pre Plus together with the delayed 3G MicroCell should be available on May 16th. Currently there isn’t any details in relation to the price of the Smartphone.

It wont have Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot app but will have free Wi-Fi at AT&T’s public hotspots. No mention either of the Pixi Plus which was promised at the same time.

The 3G MicroCell was originally targeted for the middle of April and is said to still have varying pricing depending on which plans it is attached to. Alone it will cost $150 but then that price reduces to $50 if attached to a $20 monthly extension plan.

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