No Verizon iPhone, AT&T Exclusivity 6-month Extension Deal

This is not good news for those who expected to see the Verizon iPhone being released this summer of 2010 thanks to report we found via Frisky Mongoose.

According to DigitalMediaWire AT&T has just put pen to paper and signed a new deal with Apple, which means they will keep the iPhone exclusivity for another 6 months, this deal is all thanks to iPad 3G users and their offerings of the contract-free data plan.

The contract as we know was supposed to have ended this summer according to Business Insider, and got to admit we thought this as well. This is not very good for those that was waiting for the release of the Verizon iPhone and can see many customers getting a little annoyed with this new deal between Apple and AT&T.

So all the speculation of the new iPhone with Verizon has been blown away, but then some analysts have already stated this (well for another 6 months at least) If the above is all true how much as this affected you in the way of no Verizon iPhone release?


2 thoughts on “No Verizon iPhone, AT&T Exclusivity 6-month Extension Deal”

  1. Phoenix says:

    It sucks! I'm tired of having problems and carrying around all of this stuff, just to make a call. I want an iPhone! I don't understand what the big problem is between Verizon & Apple. If Verizon's apps don't work on the iPhone; SO WHAT?!? It's the same no matter what. AT&T needs the iPhone to keep up it's business & that's all there is to it. People love the iphone but many of them aren't Mac-users like myself. I need the simplicity that the iPhone will bring to me.

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