Sprint Samsung Moment and HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade Release

Now not one to put a dampener on things but it looks like those waiting on the Android 2.1 upgrade for the Sprint Samsung Moment and HTC Hero will have to wait a little longer.

According to an official statement over on the Sprint Forum a certain Sprint Admin has given community members a little message say that they are on track for the Android 2.1 upgrade release and should be available a in Q2.

In a nutshell Sprint have said that they have tried to resolve this and they thanks its customers for their patience, personally we say that the patience has worn a little thin now and can see many customers having a problem with this.

Please do let us know of the above is good news for you, or you are just simply annoyed that it has been this long in the waiting. We would love for you to let us know what you feel and it is somewhere you can have your say.


16 thoughts on “Sprint Samsung Moment and HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade Release”

  1. luie says:

    I’m so sick of Sprint politics at the end of the day is all about greed and not customer care they have the update sitting in there server for a long time they are just waiting for there new HTC evo phone to hit the market so that they can get new customers and get old customers to buy the phone and sign for two more years its all about ceo getting there pockets thick. I do love the android but I would love to get my h!nos on that HTC evo. So I guess I will wait for the evo and also keep my hero.

    1. Kitty says:

      Dude, I hate my moment. I just listed about 10 things that my phone couldn't do just this evening. It's a terrible phone. I want my money back and I want off sprint.

  2. gabe says:

    got this phone a little over a month ago because android 2.1 was promised… now i wish i would have saved my upgrade for the evo 4g. i now also understand why so many people hate sprint, because they lie. i would prefer that they not tell us about upcoming updates and just deliver them when they are ready since they never can give a straight answer. i almost wish that i would have just originally gone with vzw

  3. slayer86 says:

    I second that. I think a class action law suit is in order, especialy for Moment owners as the GPS has never worked correctly. BTW, Sprint has been saying for months that the 2.1 update would be out by "early Q2", now its just "Q2". And the fact that have pretty much ignored questions from there customers on the forum, to the point of locking and deleteing threads is appalling.

    1. skylor mitchell says:

      Sprint did release an update for the moment that makes the GPS smoother & the phone better all around. But you will have to make sure to write down all the apps & stuff like that because it wipes you phone clean.

  4. joseph says:

    I think that sprint runs a little on the slow side. And all of these delays and everything are nothing but a huge annoyance any more. I have been a customer with sprint for 7 years now. And just recently got my samsung moment. I love my moment. And I’m psyched about the update. But bt time this comes out verizon will have already released the next update and sprint is always 5 steps behind.

  5. STEVE SAGAR says:

    bought my moment last Feb. with the promise of 2.1 upgrade. was very naiveI. I've been with sprint for many years and paid top dollar for thge phone. Now they've ruined our relationship with an out and out LIE. they didn't even have to create such a story to me. As a customer I WILL NOT FORGET THAT GREED IS RUNNING THE SHOW.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I absolutely hate my Samsung Moment. The phone has not worked properly from the time I bought it. I've had to completely reconfigure the phone four times now. This recent upgrade has my phone battery lasting less than two hours. It's slow. The reception is horrible. I have over six months until I can "upgrade" my phone again and I'm thinking about going back to my Razor in the meantime even though that battery won't hold a charge either. At least when I have power with that phone it works. Do NOT waste your money on the Moment.

  7. NoMoment User says:

    I hate my Samsung Moment, then too, I am finding that it is also the Sprint network that I hate… Sprint is not rated among the best in book, not at all. The Moment hasn't run smoothly for me, force closing with more use and now with no use, sometimes… The thing for me to do is to switch networks/providers altogether, get a new phone that works, and leave Sprint behind!!!

  8. Thomas says:

    If my samsung moment isn’t locking up while I am surfing,(sometimes I have to shut it off 12 times a day to re-boot),then its force closing for no reason! I wish I had never signed up for this crap and just relied on my laptop and old school cell phone. I can’t even upload pics to my commonly visited websites, so why even have the damn thing! I feel like a sucker lab rat!!!(paying $130.00 a month to be one)

  9. Qwen says:

    I HATE THE MOMENT SOOO BAD. Almost every call it hangs up and calls someone else or hangs up and calls the person I am talking to back again. It is so sensitive when your face hits it while talking. I want to smash it and burn it !!!

  10. mindy says:

    My pet peeve is having to push the extra button to get past the screen guard. Battery life is lovely also—after 2 batteries, I now get a wonderful 60 minutes w/ a full charge. I threw it the other day and thankfully it broke into a hundred pieces!

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