HTC Hero Android 2.1 OS Update Likely on 7th May

How long has it been since it was first rumoured that the HTC Hero may see an update to Android 2.1? Seems to be like forever ago doesn’t it. Back near the end of March it was said Android 2.1 OS would be hitting the HTC Hero and yet still no update.

Android 2.1 has been so long coming to the HTC Hero it wouldn’t surprise if there are some who will simply not bother and switch to the HTC EVO 4G once it arrives in June see (here), but before you make such a decision you might like to know that Android 2.1 is on its way according to an article over on the examiner.

The article shows a leaked Best Buy employee message image posted by engadget via xda-developers, which shows that the HTC Hero will receive Android 2.1 update as of the 7th of May, it was apparently delayed until now but will be “in stores” as of Friday the 7th.

Unfortunately for all those HTC Hero owners out there the Android 2.1 update will not be over the air and rather downloadable via the HTC website, so if any of you HTC Hero toting public get the update let us know how it goes or if you experience any problems.


3 thoughts on “HTC Hero Android 2.1 OS Update Likely on 7th May”

  1. Ryan says:

    Um … what's confusing me is, WHY does it have to be LEAKED NEWS ??? Why not just an official response from HTC or SPRINT on their website ?? Is it that much of a secret?

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