Fake Steve Jobs: iPhone and OS X Flash no More

There is an important change happening and it will affect the Apple iPhone and OS X, we just a little read over on Fake Steve Jobs site and they report that they Apple will be removing support for Flash from our OS X operating system and the iPhone.

Love Fake Steve Jobs and its take on their thoughts on Flash, I am actually laughing my head of as I am typing this, the Mac with OS X is the most open environment ever but not when it is running Flash.

Other reasons why support for Flash will no longer on Apple products, not many videos really uses Flash anymore, Macs mostly crash because of Flash, without Flash you will get much better batter life and Flash was designed for mice and we know that the MacBook Pro does not have one nor does the iPhone.

Apparently Gawker Media Websites will not be supported in Safari, both on iPhone OS and OS X, and when it comes to the new iPhone OS 4.0 if you had Flash apparently some phones numbers will not work on the iPhone, strange but true apparently.

For more information please visit Fakesteve.net, and please do let us know if you would like Flash or not on your iPhone. Thanks

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