HTC Desire vs. Nokia N900 vs N97 Browser and Gaming Comparison Video

Another video for your viewing pleasure today, this time of a comparison of gaming and browsing between the HTC Desire, which is delayed in the UK as reported (here) Nokia N900 and the Nokia N97 smartphone, and comes to us courtesy of the guys over at my nokia blog.

The video which can be viewed below lasts just over the eight and a quarter minute mark and takes us through the browser experience with the smartphone first and follows on with gaming experience.

Unfortunately though there is no commentary with the comparison video which is a bit of a shame as commentary often helps, but the visual is good quality and you’ll get the general idea.

The gaming side of things the reviewer opts for three different games, one on each handset so doesn’t really give a like for like experience overview. Still the best way to find out is to head on down to the video hit play and check it out…enjoy.

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