Nokia N82 Cool Dancing, and Crying Robot Video

How about making your mobile phone a bit more personalised and cool, well this is what this guy has done with his Nokia N82 handset, by turning it into a dancing robot, and we have the video for your entertainment courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile below.

The Nokia N82 robot video is called CALLO and when you watch the video you’ll see just how cool CALLO can be as it dances, waves to the classic Nokia ringtone, and even cries when a traditional phone’s ringtone goes off.

The video lasts almost two minutes and shows that CALLO can also take incoming calls; the robot itself could do with a bit of a facelift, perhaps given an Iron Man makeover so it looks a bit better, but other than that it’s a neat thing.

Anyway head on down to the Nokia N8 robot video, mash play, enjoy and feel free to drop us a comment on whether you think CALLO is cool.

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