Will Microsoft KIN Phones Lose out to HTC Droid Incredible?

The latest handsets from Microsoft the KIN One and KIN Two have now become available, but according to an article over on strategyeye, the Microsoft KIN phones may well lose out to the likes of the HTC Droid Incredible, and even the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

The reason for this is Verizon Wireless has slapped large data service plans on the KIN One and KIN Two handsets which could well put the social networking younger generation, which the KIN phones target off the handsets and opt for something like the HTC Droid Incredible.

Apparently those that purchase a Microsoft KIN handset will be required to pay $70 per month on a 2 year agreement, and this could see Microsoft’s targeted younger audience stepping away from the KIN phones.

The Verizon Wireless Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two plans are made up thus, $40 per month for a traditional talk plan and then an extra $30 per month for a smartphone plan, something which commentators believe will turn many youngsters away from the KIN phones and opt for the likes of the HTC Droid Incredible.

So what are your views, has Verizon priced their plans too high for the KIN phones? Do you intend on getting a KIN handset or are you more tempted to spend you cash on the HTC Droid Incredible?


5 thoughts on “Will Microsoft KIN Phones Lose out to HTC Droid Incredible?”

  1. C Flauscher says:

    I would recommend everyone avoid the Microsoft Kin like the plague, and get the Droid Incredible, like the article suggests.

    Kin just does not work as suggested. They call it a smartphone, but it is only a dumb feature phone. You can't install applications on it, which is why it can't be called smart. At the same time, Microsoft can install and delete applications on the Kin, without your knowledge or consent.

    The social networking ability of the Microsoft Kin is also backwards and only semi-functional. Kin is one of the worst phones on the market for accessing Twitter. It can't send direct messages, or even photos.

    It's baffling that Kin has a delay of 15-minutes on updating messages. That makes you feel like smashing it on the ground. Please, save yourself the pain, and avoid the Kin.

    The Droid Incredible only costs marginally more when you add up the extra network charges. Yet the Incredible is a 100x better phone than Kin. I think in the coming weeks we'll see very poor sales of Kin, as nobody will want one.

  2. On the surface it does seem the service charges are too high. But the article doesn't say what the service charges will be for the phones it calls out as the likely alternates to the KIN phones.

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