iPhone and iPad Infringements Cause Nokia to Sue Apple Again

The patent wars have heated up some between Nokia and Apple as according to an article over on Gizmodo, by way of the WSJ, Nokia has sued Apple again over 5 more patent infringements by the iPhone and iPad.

Nokia and Apple have been doing the tit-for-tat patent infringement suing game for quite a while now, and no doubt Nokia’s latest filings throws more gas onto the fire.

Apparently this time round Nokia has decided to sue over enhanced speech and data transmission, antenna configuration enhancements, and using positioning data in applications and was filed in Wisconsin and will no doubt include the iPad 3G not that is available.

No word as yet just how Apple intends to respond, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple files more of the same taking the totals up even further. I can see this patent battle continuing of quite some time yet so it will be a while before we find out any results, but when we do we’ll pass it along.

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