Apple iPhone 4G Ultra, Order Yours Now: Be the first

Do you want to be the first to order your Apple iPhone 4G ultra? Well according to this site we found called new-iphone4g.com you can do so.

The site says the Apple iPhone 4G (Release Date Expected) This Summer 2010, the website also features all the latest information on the new upcoming iPhone 4G, which links to here. They also promote many Apple licensed products and accessories.

They are ready to take orders for the expected release date of summer 2010; you can pay via PayPal or by signing up to them.

We here at phonesreview.co.uk just found this site and we do not know if this site is for real or just some fake rubbish, personally we would never buy any Apple product from anyone other than Apple themselves.

Let us now what you think of the site mentioned above, got to laugh when you come across this sort of thing. Please comment below.


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