iPad Data Plan Prices on Rogers Canada and Pre-order Now

For those of your over in Canada waiting to pre-order Apple’s latest creation the iPad you can now pre-order the device through the Apple website and will be released in Canada as of the 28th of April reports an article over on mobile syrup.

Both Rogers and Bell have said they will offer data plans for the Apple iPad, and it looks like Rogers is the first past the post with said plan prices with what appears to be no annual contract to sign and you can also go monthly. UK prices and pre-order info can be found (here)

So onto those important Rogers data plan prices…for $15 per month you get 250MB, or for $35 per month you receive 5GB data. Furthermore if you add the iPad to your existing data plan with Rogers it costs $20, so hopefully you’ll be on the $30 for 6GB plan.

So you can compare what it will cost as opposed to your American cousins stateside, AT&T data plans cost $15 per month for 250MB and $30 per month for unlimited so are quite similar.

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