iPhone 4G LCD, Digitiser, Metal Middle Plate Assembly New Video

Anything and everything to do with the upcoming next generation iPhone whether you call it the iPhone 4G, iPhone HD, iPhone 3GS+ or whatever, makes the mobile phone news sties, and we have some for you today in the form of another video.

The video which can be viewed below comes courtesy of the guys over at Intomobile and is apparently a new video showing the iPhone 4G LCD, Digitiser and Metal Middle Plate Assembly, the original video of which we posted can be viewed (here)

The guys say to take a good look at the video as it does seem to match up nicely with what the guys over at gizmodo leaked in the iPhone 4G Gizmodo Scandal which we have posted about numerous times.

Of course as there is no confirmation from Apple that the video is actually of the iPhone 4G it could be false, so I would say hit the play button on the video below, check it out and make up your own mind…enjoy.

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