Vodafone defend dropping fair usage. 500MB is that enough?

Vodafone have defended their move to drop its fair use policy which we covered here the other day in case you missed it the first time round, and instead have replaced with a text notification when a user is approaching their data limit.

The guys over at techradar.com have spoken with the network in order to clarify some issues. Quite simply most users on an unlimited internet plan have a fair usage cap of 500MB, and Nexus One and iPhone users also getting 1GB plus free Wi-Fi included within this bundle.

From June 1st this deal is being scrapped and if you go above your 500MB limit you will be charged an additional £5 for another 500MB if you have a data bundle as part of your contract.

Those of you without a pre agreed data bundle will be charged 50p per day for 25MB and then an additional 50p for an additional 10MB in each 24 hour period. This move has obviously caused some upset and forum users have expressed their disappointment for not being given the necessary 30 days notification of the service change. Vodafone have replied that users will get 14days notification as it is change of fee and not change of service.


One thought on “Vodafone defend dropping fair usage. 500MB is that enough?”

  1. vodauser says:

    they are imposing this on existing customers too therefore changing the terms of service alot of users are trying to cancel contracts early but i dont think anyone has been allowed yet

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