Vodafone ends data abuse by charging £5 each additional 500MB

Vodafone are claiming to be about to put an end to data abuse on their network according to a recent report over on softpedia.com by now charging customers.

Customers will be charged an additional £5 for each 500MB of data used over the initial 500. This measure is going to be in place for users that have monthly bundles and is said to come into force from the 1st June.

At this time the wireless operator have also announced that it was going to kick off a real time notification system which will let people know just how much data they are consuming.

Obviously this move is going to upset some Vodafone customers, as other carriers in the country are offering better deals when it comes to data usage on their network. Vodafone customers up until now have been able to enjoy the service on the company’s airwaves without any out of bundle charging.

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