Android working on iPhone 3G video

You may or may not recall back in April we reported on hacker David Wong and his workmanship on getting Android to run on an iPhone 2G, if you missed it you can see it here.

Now according to a report over on pocket-lint.com at that time David Wong claimed that he would be getting onto a 3G and that it should be trivial.

Well true to his word Wong has been at it again and has managed it in a couple of weeks. Have a look at the attached video, okay so it isn’t quite as finished as the 2G port was and at present there isn’t any audio support but having said that it can access the web with ease.

It is also managing to send and receive SMS messages over the cell radio and there is said to be better Wi-Fi support than that on the original 2G hack. So, what’s coming next, well Wong has said obviously the audio support as well as improved power management. The hope is that you should soon be able to walk about with your first generation iPhone or iPhone 3G running Android and use as you would any other Android phone.

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