Apple vs. Adobe: iPhone Doesn’t Need Flash According to Online Poll

For time immortal the debate over Apple and Flash seems to have continued and each time Apple stands firm in their convictions that Adobe Flash will not come to the iPhone and iPad and apparently the general consensus is Apple is right to stand by their guns.

The guys over at InfoWorld ran an online poll to see if there was any reader backing for Apple’s stance to block Flash, and the poll has shown their readers clearly back Apple’s decision.

As of Monday at 5pm PT, 1314 readers had voted showing 45% of the votes agreed that Apple was right to block Flash and 33.5% of the votes say Apple shouldn’t place any restrictions on Flash or any other tech if Apple users wish to install such tech.

The InfoWorld poll is still running if you wish to cast your vote, the options are, Apple has every right to block Flash, Apple should let users choose to run Flash or not, and Apple and Adobe should pursue InfoWorld’s peace plan, that last option is a peace plan formulated by the guys and thus far has received only 21.5% of the vote.

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