Project Natal Xbox 360-style interface for smartphones: Video

Now when it comes to technology we must admit that the new Xbox 360 Project Natal is stunning, well according to CVG it will be released in the UK October 2010.

Well we are about phones and we have found something very special and came across a Project Natal Xbox 360-style interface for smartphones via Recombu. We have watched the video below and we love it, if they can bring this feature out on handsets I will be first in the queue to purchase it.

The Project-Natal-style interface for touchscreen phones is being developed by the University of Tokyo and allows you to play games by interacting with finger and recognizable input gestures, Ishikawa-Komuro Lab members have been using a high frame rate camera to track such motions.

Please watch the video below and let us know if this is the sort of technology you would love to see on mobile phones, we know that it could take the world by storm.

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