BlackBerry Storm 3 Q4 Launch, Storm 4 in 2011: iPhone Killer

Looks like RIM is about to take the world by storm with its new device unveiling, apparently according to Tested the BlackBerry Storm 3 will have a Q4 launch and the Storm 4 will launch in 2010, and it has been said that the BlackBerry Storm 4 will be considered as the iPhone Killer.

RIM is also working on a new tablet that is similar to the Apple iPad; this is only at prototype stages at the moment but looks promising. Anyway moving onto smartphones, RIM is hard at work to bring us the new Storm 3 and 4 and at the moment the BlackBerry Storm 3 is underway (Even though it did not get a mention at WES 2010).

The new Storm 3 is now at the final stages of development and has been said to include revamped version of the SurePress technology, it has also been said that the Storm 3 could indeed be the slider phone, it will feature BB OS 6.0, multimedia capabilities, we will bring you the full specs as soon as we find out.

Moving onto the BlackBerry Storm 4, which is apparently going to be called the iPhone killer will have many features that should excite, such as a 5-Megapixel camera, magnetometer, an accelerometer, upgraded GPS internals, true compass and will focus on augmented reality applications, this model is expected to be launched in 2011 as said above.

As so as we hear anything else about the above we will let you know, in the meantime please do post your comments below.


9 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 3 Q4 Launch, Storm 4 in 2011: iPhone Killer”

  1. Carmine says:

    Okay blackberry please keep talking, you will never come out with a phone that destroys iPhone! You guys have been trying for to long and it won’t happen! You can’t live up to the apps an amazing quality and sleek look of the iPhone. Blackberry are made cheap out of fucking plastic bullshit! All my friends that have a blackberry brake them because there so cheap! Fuck blackberry I would never get one there so crap


    1. nick says:

      hahah you are way to funny , i phones are crap! the screen always shatters, and everything about them is ****! and just recently blackberry was announced the number 1# selling phone in the world! ya okay u go play on your crapy i phone u lil *****!

    2. gigi says:

      maybe in your minus creative world Carmine ….. Iphones still crap phones and useless for real cell tasks … So far Apple should be stay doing computer and tables rather than phones ..

  2. jamie says:

    iPhones make for good bling but the Blackberry can't be beat as a business phone. iPhones and Droids may dominate the market with special effects, graphics, games but when it comes to a reliable phone that I have to depend on as part of my business….Blackberry all the way!

  3. Jack•The•Hat says:

    My goodness me .. And Heavens to Murgatroyd .. Though I doubt neither Murgatroyd nor those adjacent Heavens would be even mildly moved by such wee laddies’ haverings.

    Mobile phones are very useful indeed. And sadly, can be v expensive, v unreliable, and v irritating. But they often look good. Just wish they worked as well and as efficiently as they look glamorous and handsome. And you young fellowmelads out there, so rude and vulgar .. All over bits of plastic .. Listen to me .. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice .. Caveat Emptor ! ! Jack•The•Hat

  4. RhythmBrown says:

    It amazes me as to how many iphone “lovers” always end up on a Blackberry site or forum or just a story. Even on Blackberry’s Facebook area. If they love the POS iphones so much then stop reading about Blackberry. I damn sure dont read about iphones. Geesh!

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