T-Mobile and Orange Venture Now Called “Everything Everywhere.”

I previously posted that the T-Mobile/Orange joint venture would reveal details today which you can read (here) Well we now have said details courtesy of the guys over at itpro; starting with the new name which is “Everything Everywhere.”

Although apparently they will still keep their own brand names for customers, the “Everything Everywhere” network will run both T-Mobile and Orange but although sharing the network to deliver services, will still compete for customers.

The “Everything Everywhere” network will be the largest mobile operator in the United Kingdome with 37% of the market and will cover 30 million subscribers.

The chief exec of Everything Everywhere and former boss of Orange, Tom Alexander has explained that mobile is no longer just about voice and text and that multimedia handsets have already begun to change the way customers access the world for education, information, and entertainment and as Britain’s only “super network” they will lead the revolution and give customers instant access to everything, everywhere.

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