HTC EVO 4G Launch Event with Sprint: Video

As you may have heard, Sprint held a launch event in New York to launch their latest flagship smartphone, with WiMAX surfing HTC EVO 4G smartphone, and the guys from Intomobile were on hand to capture all that went on for our viewing pleasure on video.

Naturally we have said Sprint HTC EVO 4G launch event video for your entertainment which can be viewed below and lasts just over nineteen minutes so you’ll need to set a side a bit of time to watch it all, but in the video Sprint do show off the HTC EVO 4G handsets top features, which is now available for pre-order as shown (here)

Oh and no New York isn’t up and running the WiMAX 4G network just yet, but for the occasion Sprint installed a mobile 4G tower so they could show off all the HTC EVO 4G goodness at their event in the Espace building.

The following video can explain it all far better than me writing about it so best skip on down to that launch event video, mash the play button, sit back have a coffee and enjoy.

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