Sprint Unveils Common Cents Mobile Prepaid for WalMart

Sprint has now gone all official with their new plan for prepaid customers which they have called Common Cents Mobile and has been billed as helping people “cut unnecessary costs” reports an article over on engadget.

The new Sprint Common Cents Mobile is fairly simple in it offers those on pay as you go 7 cent texts and 7 cent minutes and also unlimited messaging at a cost of $20 a month while data will cost you a buck a megabyte a day.

The biggest selling point of Common Cents Mobile though could well be their voice minutes round down, which apparently is a first for the US market whereby voice minutes are rounded down rather than rounded up.

As for choice of mobile phone, well it’s a fairly bare selection to choose from being the Kyocera S2300 for $69.77, the Samsung M340 for $39.77, and the LG 101 for $19.77, each contract free and are expected to launch on May 15th with WalMart.

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