LG Ally Iron Man 2 Unboxing Video

Yes folks the latest smartphone out of the LG camp backed up by Iron Man 2 is the LG Ally, and we have a traditional unboxing of the LG Ally for your viewing pleasure today which can be viewed below courtesy of Noah over at phone dog.

The LG Ally unboxing video lasts almost twelve and a half minutes and takes us thought the usual gear associated with a smartphone unboxing this one being the Iron Man 2 phone which packs Android with Google.

The LG Ally will be available for pre-order via Verizon Wireless as of today and will be available in stores as of May the 20th, all the official doo-dah can be viewed (here), and the Verizon LG Ally will require a data plan of $30 per month for unlimited.

Rather than me give you all the low-down on the Verizon LG Ally Iron Man 2 smartphone it is much easier for you to skip on down to the video unboxing and mash play, so get to it and enjoy.

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