New T-Mobile and Orange Stores to Launch in UK

As part of the new joint venture between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile are gearing up to launch new stores across the UK over the next year and a half reports an article over on mobile today.

It is expected that new jobs will be created and they expand their 713 strong retail presence with expansion expected in areas as concessions. Tom Alexander, the CEO of Everything Everywhere has said that their relationship with Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse is also “hugely important.”

Andrew Coull, former retail director of T-Mobile and now VP of retail for Everything Everywhere, has stated “The country’[s number one communication company will have a retail presence to match.”

Coull also said that it isn’t just about scale as they want to lead the way and all of them will ensure that their customers love what they do and keep coming back while telling their friends to join them.

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