Adobe Loves Apple and HTML5?

What’s this, has Adobe embraced all that is Apple in lovable hugs and kisses? Apple’s Steve ‘I hate Flash’ Jobs has made it quite clear what he thinks of Adobe Flash and that it will never come to the iPhone or iPad or anything else Apple for that matter.

However it appears that Adobe is retaliating with a turn the other cheek attitude as an article over on Gizmodo reports that Adobe’s latest slogans in an new advertising campaign is “We Love Apple,” We Love Choice,” and “We Love HTML5.”

This news has surfaced on the net via Engadget and Adobe and there is apparently an open letter from Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock which addresses Apple’s recent attack against Adobe and Flash which can be read here.

Of course Adobe then puts up Apple as not only their opposition but is also “undermining this next chapter of the web,” and then nobody and everybody controls the World Wide Web, and not just one company. Is that a slight at Apple saying they are trying to have complete control over the web?

In any case I doubt this will have any adverse effect on Apple’s stance to keep Flash out of their products, and basically other than splashing water there’s not a lot Adobe can do about it as even certain readers in a poll show the iPhone doesn’t need Flash.

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