Dolby Mobile May Come to HTC and Apple Handsets

Dolby Mobile is pushing forward and may possibly be incorporated on HTC and Apple handsets, there is nothing better than full rich audio experiences with multi-channel audio on mobile phones straight out of the box to enjoy music and video.

According to DigiTimes Dolby Mobile will allow handset makers to adjust audio settings, which includes full 5.1-channel HD audio, LG and Nokia has seen a little success with Dolby Mobile and so much so LG will be launching 20 new handsets with Dolby audio solutions, the Nokia N8 that was launched comes with Dolby technology.

Dolby Mobile will hopefully showcase its new mobile audio technology at the Computex Taipei 2010 Event in June. For more information about Dolby please read here.

What phone would you like to see Dolby Mobile technology on, how about the Apple iPhone or the HTC Incredible?


One thought on “Dolby Mobile May Come to HTC and Apple Handsets”

  1. Bnavqm says:

    I would love to see Dolby Modile on the HTC Incredible. It is already an awesome phone, so Dolby Mobile would set it apart from everything else.

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