Samsung Seek Review, Problems and Sprint Deals

The Samsung Seek will be available via Sprint from June 6 and we are asking you to send in your personal review as soon as you have this phone in your hand.

We would love for you to send in your personal reviews and opinions and of course if any problems occur you can come here and let all our readers know. We want to be here for you, a place where you can post your reviews and problems and you can even reply to other reviewers reviews, which is a nice little feature for you to interact.

The Samsung Seek as said will be available from June 6 and will sell for $29.99 on a new two-year service agreement after a $50 mail-in rebate. This handset will come in two colours that include the Scarlet Red and the Cool Blue.

Main features include threaded text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (IM), picture messaging (MMS), quick shortcuts that will take you directly to social networks that includes MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, you will also get access to POP3 e-mail with MSN/Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo!

Main specs include a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 1.3-megapixel camera, 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen, microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB cards, built-in music player, customizable menu system and much more, please read the full press release here.


259 thoughts on “Samsung Seek Review, Problems and Sprint Deals”

  1. Vera Eleanor says:

    It's actually available in Oklahoma. I got mine today, and I love it.
    The only problem I have is I cannot find my ringtones.
    I bought a SanDisk as well for more memory, but when I click on the music icon,
    it shows the ringtones, but I'm not able to do anything with them other then listen and delete.
    So, I don't know if I am being stupid, or it doesn't work…

    I've looked everywhere for help, then I came here are realized it's not available to many

    1. Yea I was actually lucky because it hit the shelves here in Grandville, MI the very same day I went to sign up for Sprint. I like the phone as well too, and I plan on getting my old microSD card soon so if I figure it out I'll be sure to let you know if you still havent.

      1. Amanda says:

        I changed my ringtones almost once a day while it was still working. I hadn't figured out which ones I liked yet. I never had a problem in that arena. They put the downloaded ringtones at the end of the list on the page with the preloaded ones
        I put my old microSD card in mine though and it told me it wasn't supported, it's a theme with this phone.

    2. Lady Raine says:

      Here's what you do:

      You download your ringtones and wallpapers or whatever from whichever site you like to your computer (I use http://www.mobile9.com). Just enter the info of your Samsung Seek (M350) and when you find a tone you like, click "download" NOT the one that sends it directly to your phone (because it will end up stuck in your Music Player).

      *Make sure you know where you saved the tones,, like My Documents—>Downloads (that's where I keep mine)*

      Then go to THIS site (which is awesome and allows you to do the same thing with games, apps, ringtones, sound effects, wallpaper, etc):

      You'll see an area for "Title" where you put the name of your ringtone as you want it to appear on your phone, then the next line is where you browse your actual documents and select your file (from your computer).

      The third line is where you type your Sprint or Boost Mobile phone number in and hit "Upload File".

      Then you just wait a few seconds and the file will come into your SMS box of your phone.

      Open the text and select the green button that says "Launch" (to go to the URL)

      It will ask your permission to open an unknown file, so just accept it…..and voila! The file will download in a few seconds, and when it's done it will ask you if you want to "set as"(if you want that one as your general ringtone), "listen", or "shop" (which are the default Seek options that would show up when you actually pay to purchase one from them). It doesn't matter which one you choose because the ringtone will now automatically show up in your "ringtones & voicemail" folder under your phone "settings".

      Now you can use them for voicecalls, voicemail alerts, message sounds, calender alerts, alarm clock……or use a bunch of different ones and directly assign them to different people in your contacts.

      Use the same site for sound effects (like text sounds) or games or wallpapers and you will basically follow the same process.

      Bookmark both of those sites!!! They're the ONLY ones I've found that work every time, go right to your appropriate folders, and are FREE!!!

      Hope that helps!

      1. brit says:

        your ring tones are in the mystuff folder but you can only have the ring tones that you download now my seek is powerd threw boost mobile but my friend has the pink one powerd threw sprint and hers works the sam way

    3. i have it through sprint to all you have to do is go to myxer.com download the tones and it will send them to your phone(on pc) then you make sure that you are at you home and hit the fun button at the bottom of the screen.then hit the my stuff button and go down to ringers. if you find the one you want then tap on the song tittle. to hear which one click on the speaker.

    4. savannah says:

      well if i am understanding this right, if it is a full song you can not use them as ringtones. u can only use like normal ringtones as ringtones. yes i kno that was confusing but u should understand it .

  2. I dont feel comfortable doing and in depth review of a phone I have only had for a day but I will say if I had any complaint with this guy, it would start with the keyboard. Unless you hit the keys dead center, they feel flat and sometimes dont register. The spacing is fine as far as Im concerned at least.

    I like the interface for the most part, especially how you can add sending messages to specific contacts as a shortcut in the "home" menu. For someone who has about 4 to 5 friends whom they text non-stop, this is a very cool thing. Judging by the preloaded Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace apps; this phone seems geared towards the "social networking" crowd, which does include me. I will have to reserve judgment on anything related to webbrowsing for now. Im not sure its possible to add more apps than the one loaded on the phone, but I dont see any options to do it so Im not holding out hope.

    I cant think of much else to say about it just yet, if anyone has any questions about the Seek I'd be more than happy to try and answer them.

  3. Ed Gerson says:

    Instruction manuals are adequate. Colors are yuck to huh? The phone has a very nice build quality and feels solid in your hand. Favorite setting is turning the internet Off; I don't do social networking at this time.

    Scrolling the Contacts list is impossible for me, it either pauses and opens a random Contact or wears me out searching. From A to Z, I never get to C. This is a very unfriendly but negotiable process for me and you just adapt. Use the voice activation instead.

    Haven't figured out how to use telephone extensions yet and the calculator has no sq.root function. Still, I'm glad I got this phone and am enjoying it after my six year old candy bar unit. Nice product. So far.

    1. Amanda says:

      there is a feature that skips to the letter you want in the contacts, it's a little round button on the side of the picture that you hold and scroll. it worked just fine for me.

      1. Jaime says:

        I got the phone this year for my birthday. I only had it for a couple of months. i like the phone and all, but for some reason, when i text, it doesn't let me see what the other person said after a day, So if I go back to look threw it, only what I sent will be there. I don't know if that really matters to you though, just thought I would let you know. (:

    1. Ericka says:

      I do like it
      I got it today
      and the touch screen only took me about 20 minutes to get used to
      the only things I dont like, is that you have to use the keyboard to text, and that theres no camcorder (but that's really not that big of a deal honestly)
      and it's sort of confusing, like the controls, but you get used to it
      I really like it

    2. golda dear says:

      i literally just got it friday n its a rly good fone… if ur not gonna have any apps (aka fb or anything like that) then u shud maybe look into other fones…. but all i have is text n calls n its gr8 so far!! GET IT! lol

    3. Elena says:

      I think you should sooooooooo get it. These phones are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Eleanor says:

      I think that unless you only use your phone for making phone calls, and don't need the contacts to function smoothly, you should run in the opposite direction. I've had the seek for about a month, and loathe it with almost every fiber of my being that isn't busy being pissed off at the phone.

  4. Ed Gerson says:

    Yes, get this phone. It's small, well-built, a little different like all phones but I'm loving it.

    After a weekend I'm enjoying this phone.

    I like the way the phone turns off to prevent accidental dialing, just slide out the keyboard to turn on the phone. The learning curve is inflexible so you have to….learn it.

    Should you use your fingernail or the up/down arrows to scroll thru contacts? Use the arrows!
    Voice command is my first time to use, a few words just don't work without several efforts.

    I don't regret getting this phone, it's not a Droid or an iPhone, etc., it was free from Sprint. Since I'm a cheapskate I also turned off the internet features as I don't use social networking for now. Later, who knows. Definitely highly recommended.

    1. LIZZ says:

      YOU DO NOT NEED TO SLIDE OUT THE KEY BORD TO GET THE SCREEN TO TURN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS PRESS THE POWER BUTTON ON THE SIDE OF THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LEARNED THAT THE FIRST SECOND I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Schmoozy says:

        I imagine that he's referencing the slide out keyboard because it's just another way of turning the screen on, not the only way. People have different ways of reaching the same end result. Glad you figured it out so quickly.

  5. Ed Gerson says:

    The more I use this phone the more I like it. All internet functions are turned off.

    The auto off is great, you just slide open the keyboard to turn the telephone back on again. Voice activation is a little awkward at times but mostly useable. Excellent build quality. I may go for data services eventually; we have the Sprint family plan, under $70/mo. for two phones and are happy with that level of service.

    Beautiful little phone and I am enjoying it so far.

    1. Sharon says:

      I just got my Seek. You referred to the Auto off. My phone cuts off after a while and when I try to call it, it does not turn on and goes to voicemail. I have searched the manual and cannot find how to fix.
      Help, please,

  6. Janet says:

    Does any one have problems with hearing clearly, mine sounds like the speaker is broken, and it has from the first day, just not clear, am going to take it back and try a different one. Other than that I really like the phone.

    1. Amanda says:

      I was planning to look into turning up the in call volume but I didn't find it. I haven't finished looking thru the manual yet it could be in there or you can't do it at all. It just seemed to be a bit quiet to me.

    1. Amanda says:

      I'm getting the LG to replace my crappy Seek
      The manager at the sprint store referred to the Samsung SEEK as "entry level" to explain why it doesn't have, and can't do, some things.
      If you can get the Rumor Touch for the same price or less then there should be no question, even if it is a small amount more I still say get the Rumor ;D

      1. Lily says:

        The rumor ohones are not very good. I don't know about the rumor touch but i had the first rumor and i had to replace it multiple times because it kept breaking or something was wrong with it.

    2. Alexa says:

      I had the same decision to make. But by the looks of my old phone, I decided to get the seek because it's more durable. It's also smaller than the rumor, which makes it easy to fit in your pocket. I am really enjoying the seek after haveing it for about a week.

    3. Mackenzie says:

      i have been having the same problem…i decided to go with the seek. only down fall no textinhg on the screen and not video. but not a huge problem. the rumor t. is just bulky to me. and the seek is free.

    4. unhappy seek ower says:

      i have seek and know it doesn't have call waiting available but i think the "rumor has it" that the rumor does have call waiting so if thats important i would check on the rumor

    5. dfb124 says:

      It depends on if you like to be able to text sometimes without the full keyboard. The seek can't do that but the rumor touch can. Also if you like social networking then the seek is good for that with quick launch facebook, twitter, and myspace. the seek is a little lighter than the touch as well, but the touch is bigger so it feels good in big hands. hope that helps

  7. Amanda says:

    I regret it now!
    I liked this originally, there was a cute factor and it just felt nice in my hand.
    Even though the camera wasn't the best available to me for the same price i got it anyway.
    But the number of problems I've had are ridiculous, here goes…
    I had it for only 9 and a half days, it eventually broke, I'll get to that part soon
    First it doesn't have navigation and it can't be installed. It also won't support youtube.
    They told me this phone is so new it doesn't even have reviews out yet, so I thought I'd be getting all the bells and whistles right? Or maybe not!
    The battery doesn't last as long as some cheaper phones I've had but it does take long to charge.
    You can lock the touch screen but it's only a simple one touch unlock that unlocks and dials in your pocket or purse. You can only end a call by using the touch screen which you have the set to always be on during your call (that only wastes more battery if it's a long call) or it takes alot of futsing around to reactivate the screen before hanging up. (The only time the lock has a hard time unlocking is when you are on a call which wouldn't get interrupted)
    ..and If you are using the web or any other data while you receive a message or alert it makes no sound at all, it just puts a small glowing star on the top of the screen to notify you of a missed alert. If you are distracted and into whatever you are doing you may not know how long ago that happened by the time you see it.
    Now to the whole it broke thing.
    All I did was put it to charge. Yes, put it to charge. I was busy watching a movie while it was dying so I let it die… afterward I plugged it in the same way I did my old phone. I didn't want to miss a call while it was charging or forget to turn it back on later so I tried to turn it on once the charging started @_@ DON'T DO THIS!!!! It could never fully power on and could not be turned off, it just kept trying to power up without success.

    If I had the Seek as long as 10 days or more I am positive I'd have more problems to share with you.
    I think I will replace it with an LG Touch Rumor free with my eligible upgrade it has a better camera and navigation so it's already better.

    1. Jeff says:

      Amanda…how did you fix the problem of it not completely powering on? My daughters 2 week old phone is doing this, looking for a fix if anyone has one? Thanks and God bless.

    2. Madelyn says:

      I had a similar problem with my seek. My phone had died over night and so in the morning i tried to charge it with a charger my friend had and it just powered off. After that it repeatedly tried to turn back on, which it never worked. That was yesterday morning and yet it still isn't working. should i keep trying or just get a new phone? How long was yours doing this?

    3. Velma says:

      imm having the same problem! i had the phone for 3 days & then the screen went blank & kept trying to turn on but would not. i got a NEW one after that , which i've had 5 days now and its doing the same thing again.

    4. Carolyn says:

      i have to agree with everything you have explained. In addition, if I receive a text message, half the time I need to guess who it is from because if I have been texting that person at all in the last 24 hours, the new test doesn't show up on the messaging screen. so I have to think back to anyone I have messaged and look into their history. I have missed some really important messages – and my messages are not getting thru for hours at a time on a random basis. The touch screen barely changes its sensitivity even though there is an option to set it. This phone has been a headache for me and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    5. kirsten says:

      hey.. with your samsung seek, my phone wont stop going on and turning off while on the charger.. it wont stop at all and its driving me insane lol, can you tell me how to make it stop??

      1. tiara says:

        They dont have any fix u can do u have to send it the samsung repair center…. It sucks or if its less than 30 days take it back to were u got it.

  8. Amanda says:

    oh I completely forgot about the touch screen sensitivity you can change it on a scale from 1-5 but it seem not to make the slightest difference. Sometimes it's overly touchy sometimes you have to tap it 6 or 7 times… My first touch phone though, maybe they're not for me.
    We'll see =P

    1. Jaime says:

      Um, i am not sure of you text or not. but if you do. When you text after you read the other persons text does it just delete it? This is happening to me. I thought that like maybe if i took out the battery that it would stop, so i did, it only stopped for 5 minutes before it went back to deleting them.

  9. Amanda says:

    oh I completely forgot about the touch screen sensitivity you can change it on a scale from 1-5 but it seem not to make the slightest difference. Sometimes it's overly touchy sometimes you have to tap it 6 or 7 times… My first touch phone though, maybe they're not for me.

  10. Heather says:

    I am very disappointed with this phone. I just got it Sunday and I am already going back to the Sprint store on Saturday to get my LG Rumor reactivated. I actually like my Rumor better (it's the original, not the touch or the rumor 2) which is kinda sad seeing as how the original Rumor isn't all that great. The Seek can't support videos, the camera is weird and can only be viewed sideways, the pictures are pixel-y if you want to set them as your background, and there are little options in the Settings menu. I'm just really unhappy with this phone overall. I don't think it was worth $29.99.

    1. guest says:

      Right there with you. Had mine a couple of weeks and I too prefer my LG Rumor. The battery dies constantly on my SS, never had any trouble with the Rumor!

    2. Melissa says:

      I am with you on this!! I hate not having video and the pic quality is not very good. I just got mine Saturday but will be returning it ASAP! I do not like it at all

  11. Karen says:

    I just got it today. I'm not one to get alot o "extras" on my cell phone in the past – as a matter of fact, this is the first phone that I've owned that has a camera!! (I know – where have I been???) So far, after owning it for about 6 hours, I like it. I got a red one and I like the color. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can't set it to "vibrate" only – it will either ring and vibrate or nothing at all. If there is a way to set it to vibrate only, please let me know. I like to set it on vibrate while I'm at work.

    1. Samantha says:

      On the left side of the phone there's a volume setting. It goes from 8-1 one, then it says beep, and click down one more after that and it goes to vibrate all. :]

  12. alton says:

    i got the samsung seek today i love the fone but i hate tht i have squres all over my home screen if you can help meh get thos off i would like it

  13. jacquelin says:

    i have the samsung seek but i already have trouble with it because it say connection interrupted when i try any type of web on the internet! what should i do?

  14. L. Comeauc says:

    I got my phone a couple of weeks ago. However, I keep hearing a thumping sound when I am on the phone. Often the thumping appears when I first make a call, but more frequently, it thumps when I walk and talk, or when I am in a car and they road is a bit bumpy. I brought it into Sprint, and of course, just like most auto problems, it would not thump with the rep, and they seem never to have heard of the problem. Anyone else experience this?

  15. Stephanie says:

    Got my phone on Friday and love it ! Feels really good in my hand. I am wondering if there is a way to know you have a missed message if you didn't hear the alert. I'd appreciate your comments. I had waited all afternoon for a text back from my dr. and hours later decided to open the phone and check to see if I had even sent the message to him. Sure enough he had already responded and I missed it.
    Thanks for your input….

    1. Ann says:

      When you unlock your phone, if you have any missed alerts there will be a "While you were out" page that will be on the screen immediately when you push the unlock key and after you touch the screen to unlock it. A blue star will remain at the top of your screen near the time until you check your missed alert, and there will also be blue stars to lead you to your missed alert, i.e. you have a missed text message, there will be a blue star on your "Messaging" icon.

  16. Stephen says:

    So I'm trying to decide between the Samsung Seek and the LG Rumor Touch. I like the smaller size of the SS, but while trying it out at the Sprint store I may have found a fatal flaw (for me). The LG lets you send a text either with the QWERTY keyboard OR the touch screen. I could not get the SS to do that…..you had to use the keyboard. That means no one-handed texting….which I don't do often but is convenient when you need it (like sending a simple "ok"). Can anybody with the SS verify that, and has it been an issue for you?

    1. Ann says:

      With the Samsung Seek you can only text with the qwerty keyboard, there's no on-screen touch keyboard. It would be nice to be able to have that option, but oh well, I live.

  17. yeah, so i got mine and i was happy with it. until i turned it off. i have a passcode set for my phone, and when i turn it back on it freezes. the pop-up that says "entering SVC Area" comes up and doesnt go away, and none of the buttons give me any response, and the touch screen doesn't respond either. then the phone keeps resetting itself ad infinitum. I had to send back my last seek for this same problem last week. i dont know whats wrong any help?

    1. jackie says:

      I had the same thing. The phone just kept rebooting itself. I am going to get either the lg lotus or rumor touch, and return my seek.

    2. My son had a similar problem with a different phone on a different network but it might be the same situation. Somehow he'd pressed just the right button combination to set his phone to an unknown second line and could not use it again until we took it into the store for them to reset to the correct line. (The other line had a different passcode than the one he'd set for his main phone line because it hadn't been set up…therefore even when he put in his passcode the phone would not work.)
      Don't know if this will help anyone one but it's just another possibility of something to check on.

  18. abbigaill123 says:

    I just got this phone at 2 today, and I have a memory card from my previous phone that has a ton of pictures and ringtones on it, and I went to put the memory card in it, and the phone recognizes that there is a memory card in there, and when I check the storage it says there is stuff on my memory card, but when I go to my pictures, or my ringtones, it says that I don't have any pictures or ringtones, and I would really love to have this fixed.

    1. Ja ja says:

      Hi, I believe you have to open your actually MEMORY on the phone and view your memory card, once your viewing your memory card you shoudl be able to select items on the memory card and store them wherever you would like, example: click on a picture on your memory card and select to save it in your photos. hope this helps!

  19. nursenikki says:

    I've had mine for a couple weeks and I can say I overall really like it. The only things i do not like are: To end a call is hard due to the only way to end it is to use your touch screen, and i do not like that i can't watch you tube or use certain apps that I was used to using with my instinct, and sometimes i will get a text message, and it will not show up as a new one, I have to scroll down through my recent messages, and if that person has messaged me previously, it will add the new message to a previous conversation….really don't like that one. But, the battery has been good, the touch screen is very nice and haven't had any problems with it, the menus are easy to navigate through, facebook does take a while to load, and once it does, it will bring you to a home page, but you cannot see if you have any notifications….i have to actually go to the web browser and go log into fb that way to see my notifications, so i don't even use the app for it that they have installed. It's a new phone, and may need some updating, but it's a dependable phone and that's all that matters.

  20. Marla says:

    Anyone having a problem with the touch screen? I push and push and some things just don't open even when screen is unlocked. Where do you go to find the sensitivity to change it?

    Besides that I like the phone (Seek) okay. Took me awhile to figure a few things out but so far okay. Still learning here!

  21. Mackenzie says:

    ok so i was set on getting the seek, i have done lots of research and now im not sure. i like how its so little. i wont have a data plan or anything just texting and sometimes talking on the phone. i am a athleate and live on a farm so im always doing something strenous (sp).
    please help, i would really app. it!
    and it has chat messeging right?

  22. jackie says:

    I have had this phone for less than 20 days. There is some sort of glitch/error and the phone does not start up. I think I will get a different phone. When I turn it on, it loads the samsung screen as usual. Then when it gets to the Sprint logo it stops midway and loads the Samsung screen. The phone repeatedly did this s I have taken the battery out. The keyboard does not light up when I slide it out. (Which is not a problem because I am not able to use the phone anyway)

  23. Lauren says:

    From what I understand about the SD memory cards, it is generally a problem when you take it out of one phone and put it into another. This is mostly an issue because the Sprint network doesn’t read that it is the same person’s phone. To them, you might as well be taking your memory card out of your phone and sticking it in someone else’s.. and I guess that would cost them sales, so most places will make you call in (or go in) and verify that the memory card is yours and that it came out of your previous phone. I’ve had to do it a couple times with a couple different phones. It’s a hassle, but if you want your stuff bad enough, you’ll do it.

    Anyway. Just got my Seek. Haven’t had it nearly long enough to give a review on it, but so far, so good. It’s a simple phone, easy to learn.

  24. Rebekah says:

    I got the samsung seek and the messaging will only save the outbox but not the inbox messages so i cant see the whole chat. i cant figure out how to fix it. Help please??

    1. Donovan says:

      i have the same problem…like grr…haha it makes me mad tho, im trying 2 look @ previous messages, nd its gone…i jus noticed it 2 days ago, but other than that, it is an ok fone, like, its small, but no touch screen keyboard…but it wuz free, so NO BIG

  25. lulu says:

    i love this fone its cute and small and not so bulky but i cant seem to find where to get the signiture on or does it even letm you have 1 inee help

  26. Dana Morris says:

    We have had the Seek for about a month. It is the biggest piece of crap phone I have ever seen. I cuts out after a couple minutes and you have to try to redial and redial. You have to pond on the touch screen to get it to dial. It is confusing to locate the settings. tried to give it back to Sprint and because I had it 2 days over the 30 day agreement they wouldnt do anything. After 8 years, I am considering going to Verizon. We are going back to the old samsung 300. So much for new technology! Sprint…Work on getting it right!!!

  27. clarissa says:

    [[PLZ READ]] i've had the samsung seek for i wanna say almost a month, i have it in pink 🙂 and i love the phone!! no problems or anything up until now. i recently put internet on my phone, and i was downloading ringtones. well when i was done i exited out and i went to MY STUFF and clicked on RINGTONES and it didnt let me get into the folder, my phone flickered on and off then it just turned off on me and then turned back on and when it turned back on it did the exact same thing again when i would click on that specific folder. i have no other problems with my phone, i can use it and everything, i just can't get into my ringtone folder which is so weird because it had let me a few mins before it started flickering when i would click on the folder, i've tried taking off the battery too & the same problem occurs. i even left my phone off for a whole night, and still the next day the same problem. ALSO, my phone sometimes rings, it alerts me that i have a text message & when i look i have nothing, it's happened a couple of times. so the problem with me not being able to get to my ringtones….what could possibly be the problem?

  28. mike says:

    I dont care What that amanda person said but im typing this with my seek right now. half of the things amanda said were a lie. the samsung seek is a great phone. i reccomend it to anyone that wants a small phone thats awesome and easy to use. GET A SAMSUNG SEEK!:)

    1. Mark says:

      HI! i might get the Seek for my birthday in less than two weeks and my mom said that i can pick out any fone from sprint! i am thinking of getting the Seek! is that a good decision? how is it compared to the rumor 2 and touch or the palm pre? HELP!!!

  29. heather says:

    Ok so ive had my seek in pink (which i love) but i hate that it doesnt take video and u cant see video on it! also something i need help with asap is the memory card. i put my old memory card in from my old phone that has all my songs pix etc on it and i cant find them anywhere. i can go into general settings then memory card and it says all my memory is used but wont let me see anything! HELP ME PLEASE =p thanx

  30. Kelly says:

    Hello everybody. I am a mom and I got this phone for my 15 year old daughter and 17 year old son. They both hate it. They were excited at first because it was their first touchscreen. After playing with this phone for two days, they said send it back. My daughter hates the fact that she can't see her icons when she is on aim. She said she can't see her contacts the way she's used to seeing them. They both hate not being able to take video or watch video. You would think a touchscreen phone would support youtube. This one does not. My kids are marathon texters but they do not like this phone at all. I am boxing it up and sending it back tommorow. Now me on the other hand, I like it. I just need it to talk and use the internet from time to time. I guess any phone would be good for that . If the seek had video capability and the aim was more user friendly i would give it thumbs up. Right now I give it a thumb side ways. LOL

  31. Justin says:

    The only thing I hate is all of the music I put on the sd card can't be used as ringtones, they just go to the music player. Anyone know how to fix this? Is there another way to set music as ringtones besides downloading like maybe a data cable? I was really hoping to avoid downloading from the phone's web browser so not to incur any data usage charges, but of course maybe that's the reason Sprint made it that way. Please help, thanks

    1. Ashley says:

      I think it's a Sprint thing, but you won't be able to create ringtones from music on sd cards. The only way to get ringtones is online from your phone. Yeah, so it's a bummer if you don't have internet on your phone in order to retrieve it. I've heard with friends who are on Verizon, however, if they make ringtones on something like phonezoo.com and the file sends to them as a text, they don't have to have internet in order to access it and use the file as a ringtone. Or maybe they're just unaware that they're using the internet, who knows. But on more than two occasions they said they didn't have internet and they were able to retrieve ringtones from texts.

  32. Jay says:

    I have this phone and I have one problem with it. I cant seem to figure out how to transfer the pictures stored on the phone to a memory card. If anyone can help that would be awesome but I've tried a lot of things.

    1. Justin says:

      I've also been having this problem as well as not being able to use my music as ringtones. I thing Sprint made it that way so you have to use the phone's web browser to send pictures and/or download ringtones, another way they can nickel and dime you. If anyway has a solution to this, please let me know too.

  33. Adrieneee says:

    I just got my Seek and im enjoying it, but i was wondering… When i get a picture message can i save the pictures to my photos so i can see them better and other stuff?

  34. Heather says:

    this phone sucks. i'm really upset i got it. the apps suck. when you get on facebook it doesn't show your notifications and is really slow. twitter shows about 3 updates at a time. i have 600 songs on my sd card and while scrolling it'll lock onto a song and drag it through the list. no navigation, no camcorder, crappy pics, your texts get erased by itself regardless if you "lock" it or not, no apps available, im is very slow, preset apps (wheather, news, movies, horoscope, sports) are pointless and not erasable, when you get a text/call/voicemail a blinking star will appear and not go away unless you check it and you sometimes have to search for what it is.
    the guy at the sprint store said it was a cross between the instinct and rumor…2 phones i had previously and it's about the worst cross between them…too bad i'm stuck with it for another year…

  35. Vic says:

    Ive ha my Seek for 3 weeks now and im still learning things about it. The one thing is do HATE is…IT DOES OT SUPPORT VIDEOS !!!!! My no defucnt Samsung Rant supported videos ! Why would Samsung hype up such a great phone and make it take a step back technologically ??? Is there anywaythis phone can be made to support video ?

  36. Mike is a dumb shit, DON’T BUY THE SAMSUNG SEEK! if you enjoy your internet staying on and working or if you like watching random youtube vids, then this is not the phone for you. the camera sucks, the phone is slow, it doesnt stay charged for very long, it is hard to click things with the touch screen. after charging, my volume button doesnt work. you cant download new apps and no “gps” the seek is absolute garbage, i’d say get the rumor over the seek… the seek is just an over priced mp3 player with a touch screen and a phone that likes to cut out. i do not reccomend this phone to anyone who wants a phone with fun features. any comments directed towards me can be sent to zerolimitsracing@yahoo.com

  37. karla says:

    well im having a problem with the samsung seek. its a pretty good phone only that i have a problem with it when i take pictures. for some reason my pictures dont stay in order. i'll take 3 pictures in a row and like they dont stay in order in. one pictiure will be towards the bottom and the other will be like at the top. know any way to fix this?

  38. kisha says:

    this is the worst phone i ever had. thats what i get for being cheap. you truly get what you pay for…i have had so many problems, i cant believe they even market this crap!!!! DO NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG SEEK!!!!!!

  39. John says:

    Junk!!! This is now my second SEEK and its doing the same as the first!!! Sounds like im talking to the Chipmunks and at times like the Grim reaper All the wonderful Sprint can say is bring it in again!!! Wow just give me a new phone already! JUNK JUNK!!!!!!!!

  40. fabian says:

    i love the phone couple of things i dislike about it no youtube, no camcorder no voice recorder crappy cam i hate that…… my phone is easy to control the touchscreen is great easy phone to get (i text up the ass lol) also quick ? can i save voice memos when i get them from a msg or can i save pics from msg plz answer and if i get a sd card and the usb cable will i be able to put my own songs as ringtones i hate the preset ones they are lame.

  41. bob says:

    I love the Samsung Seek so far. Everything works on my phone, the web browsing, touch screen, setting etc. The only problem is I can't send or recieve text. When I try to send a text message, it just says "sending" for about 60 seconds, and then it just puts it in the outbox and says "pending." Also, when someone tries to text me, it tells them, "This person has chosen not to recieve text." I've tried every setting, reset the settings, and everything on the phone. What do i need to do?

  42. CJ says:

    Is anyone else having problems with this phone randomly going on the internet. I just got a bill for a 4:36 am internet connection for my 11 yr olds phone and it charged up $63.00 in fee’s. Has anyone else had this problem?

  43. Morgan says:

    I've only had this phone for four days, and for the first two, I loved it. Besides the fact that the times on it were screwed up, so that when I sent/received text messages they were in the wrong order. Then when I went to turn the phone on yesterday after charging it all night, it went to the start-up screen (with the loading bar) and would freeze at the Samsung symbol. Then it would go back to the start-up screen, never successfully loading. It's been doing this for the past two days. Does anyone know how to fix it or will I have to take it to the Sprint store?

  44. ok i gotths fone a while ago, n i luv it but i recently got internet n pic mail again n when some1 sends me a pic, i dnt no how to save it, like it will just sit there in my messages, n i like to delete my messages so no one reads them but then i delete he pic, so is there anyway to save it, plzzzz help me

  45. Kyle says:

    Can someone tell me how to set the screen sensivity. I simply can't find it and when I keep scrolling, I get tons of other options since I scroll past what I need. thanks.

  46. mel says:

    I wouldn't recommend the seek at all! At first it was a nice phone but then after awhile i started to regret the fact that I bought this phone. I have had nothing but problems. It only shows all the text msgs that Ive sent and it didn't do that at first but if someone sends me a text and I reply their text will be gone. The internet is very slow. I have had freezing issues with it. The face book app is nothing like the actual facebook. I"ve already had to replace it once because the wire that connects the keyboard to the screen broke so I couldn't see anything on my screen. Over all its a crappy phone and when I got it, it was only out for a week so the kinks weren't worked out yet.

  47. DLT says:

    So i hate this phone! It will not save any of my texts.
    It either looks like a complete conversation i'm having with myself or it completely erases the entire thing all together. for someone who loves texting this gets to be quite irritable!
    i'm trading mine in as soon as i get back into town.
    all other negative comments i also share but do not care to expand upon since they were already covered.
    seriously so mad at this stupid phone.

  48. My new Samsung is awesome. its interface seems to be an upgraded version of the old sliders they had with a few nifty features. i do however have one quam. THERE ARE NOOOOOOOO APPS. Gaaah! I'm an app friendly person. 🙂 my last fone was the samsung rant. it was a nifty lil fone. i did alot on it. there were tons of apps. navigation, email. i mean i compared my fone with an iPhone with one of my friends and I had him beat till he pulled the metal detector app on me. lol

    so my main complaint is the lack of apps

    but other then that i looooooove this fone

  49. Anthony Wilson says:

    i like this phone but sometimes i get text messages but nothing appears in my inbox. its very annoying…so i end up having to tell my friend to send the text again but i have to click on where my fave contacts r in order to see what they sent. other than that tho the phone is good.

  50. Ashley says:

    I have had the samsung seek for 2 months now and i love it but there are some problems with it. i can't figure out how to transfer pictures from the phone to my computer. When i plug it into my computer it only shows the photos in my memory card, which all my pictures are on the my camera album. So if anyone can help me, thanks!

  51. Samantha says:

    i am currently at this moment having a problem with my samsung seek phone all i did was turn it off last night and when i went to turn it back on it loads half way freezes and then restarts itself and just keeps repeating the process it hasnt turned all the way on since 1 O'CLOCK this morning its starting to get very irritating and no one can seem to help urg and i have only had this phone for about a month if that if someone could help please do or else i just wasted $220.00 and that sucks for someone who is on a tight finacial leash hhhhheeeeeeellllllllllppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. D'Esta says:

    I have taken my memory card out of my phone, put it into my computer, downloaded music onto it, and placed it back into the phone. When I click on the Music icon it says "No music in Memory Card." How can it not have music on the memory card when all that is on it is music? Do I have to reformat the songs themselves to fit or do I just have to give up and download them onto my phone through texting? I've even tried to reformat the memory card like the manuel suggested…hence why I don't even have pictures on my card. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? Thanks.

  53. NOYB says:


  54. Krista says:

    The Samsung Seek Is some crap , i had it for 1 month & some weeks & now its messing up i cant see my messages , it keeps turning on & off like this is crazy , im trading it in & getting a rumor touch didnt even know why i bothered with this phone smhh

  55. kat says:

    This phone sucks!! i almost lost my job cause i use the phone for an alarm clock cause i should be able to but the time would be anywhere from 20 min to an hour behind. sprint said i was crazy and to just buy an alarm clock and i said i did this stupid phone. secondly my phone wouldnt even show anyone was calling. i wouldnt know someone called me till i got the voicemail alert 3 days later. it deletes texts… theres no video… it freezes……. it turns itself on and off….. no apps….. doesnt give a choice for keyboard text or reg on screen text….. people sometimes sound demonic….. battery life sucks….. doin this while charging as we speak…. internet sucks can scoll left or right to see whole web page….. saves pics out of order……went and they gave me another seek and the only problem it fixed was the time thing….. it alerts me 20 min after i got a text that i got one…… i got a year and a freakin half left with this stupid phone!! dont waste your time or money on the seek!!

  56. Ashley says:

    I HATE this phone. At first, I thought it was great.It’s cute, and small, but freezes wayy too much. I’ve had this phone for about 3 months, not even. A couple of days ago, it decides to completely crap out. It won’t charge, it has no sound out of the speakers, it sucks. The vibration doesn’t even work. And to top it all off, my keyboard doesn’t light up, and I have to press extremely hard to type. My phone is deciding when to work. I turn my phone on, everything works for a few seconds, then it goes back. Of course my parents didn’t get insurence either, so I can’t get it replaced without paying 150 or so. This is crap.

  57. CJG says:

    I am on my FOURTH Samsung Seek. Everyone single one has been overheating when it struggles to find a signal which for some reason it always has to. I have two other cell phones in my house (Both LGs) and they are never wanting for a signal. I spoke to Sprint and they jerked me around and finally said that I would have to mail the phone back to Samsung (whereas I would have NO PHONE that whole time, and this is my only phone) and they will assess the problem. Obvisously I can't do this. The guy at Sprint gave me EARBUDS to use to I won't have to touch the phone. I actually had a BURN on my ear. I'm disgusted with this phone (which I actually like, other than this) and disgusted with Sprint because if they hadn't jerked me around so much, something might have been solved. Yesterday I was told by the retention center at Sprint that today when I drove to the Sprint store in KOP they would replace the phone for me. Then when they wouldn't, I had to call the RC again and they told me they never said that. So I'm stuck with this phone that doesn't have a signal, overheats whenever I make a call and still have to pay the bill. Nice. I will never get another Samsung.

  58. sele says:

    i got mine yesterday and i personaly hate it! i like it, but everytime i turn it off it freezes when i turn it on so i have to get a new one every other day!

  59. DDavis says:

    DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! I bought my phone the day it came out and I can honestly say I felt cheated once I got it home. My phone constantly freezes, I get black screens when messages come in and then they are not even in order. The web browser sucks, and you cant watch videos or shoot them.

  60. David says:

    i just got the samsung seek almost a month ago and i'm having a similar problem with my messaging that my phone saves the messages i send in the conversations but somehow after i read my received messages, they get deleted.how do i solve this problem?

  61. Bryce says:

    ok, ya ya, this phone is pretty awsome and all, but it keeps deleting my incoming text messeges after reading them, and its really starting to get to me, so if anybody knows how to change this, i would much appriciate it if you would happily share that information with myself.

  62. TomW says:

    I just got my Seek and it does not receive text messages from Verizon wireless phones. Sprint cannot tell me why. I am sending it back and getting another model.

  63. Sydney says:

    I'm getting the samsung seek in a few days, and i've never had a touch screen before, but i use my dad's,brothers, and friends, all the time! I really love them, easy to use for me, Should i be worried? I'm getting a case, because in the past, i've dropped my cell phones, and thats how they broke. Is this a bad phone for me?

  64. jolt says:

    um,this may sound embarrasing,but how do you set time on the seek,daylight savings is today and i just turned it on,on my seek but when the current time is displayed,it does'nt display the daylight savings time,someone please reply.

  65. Jessica says:

    I've had my phone for one day and it won't let me send out text messages, it keeps saying my balance is low, but I paid my bill and it says my next bill isn't due until next month. So shall I trade it in or keep trying to fix my problem. HELP?!

  66. abeloc says:

    this seek phone sucks as far as ringtones i went and bought chip to add misic and it wont let u transfer misic to ringtones so im stuck with the lame stock ringtones

  67. Hayley says:

    I got my phone October 21st and I have had nothing but problems -_- yeah I love my phone, but I can't recieve SMS for some reason… It's where someone sends a text message to your phone from their e-mail account. It simply won't work! Also I put music on my memory card and not all of it is showing up on the phone. Am I doing something wrong? I think what bothers me most is every since I put my e-mail on the phone I don't get ALL the e-mails my friends send me. If you can help be my guest and try because I have already called boost and they couldn't help me.

  68. Britt says:

    From the start , I loved this phone. It was good for me because I'm a teen and I need to text fast,, but I also think touchsceens are cool. I've just now made the connection with this phone – Everytime my family and I travel to the beach, something happens to it. I'm not sure what, but it always requires me to take it to the repair shop at Sprint. Of course, this makes me and my parents upset because I'm not getting my social time, and they are spending money on fixing it for me. This time though, I've simply plugged my wall charger into my phone, and it won't charge? The phone dosen't sence the charger inside, which means that my phone WILL NOT CHARGE. I'm so upset because this has happend with my LG Rumor 1 & 2 , each time we travel to North Myrtle Beach ?! I'm not sure what has happend, and if anyone knows how to fix this FAST & EASY, **pleaseeee* leave feedback!
    Thanks a TON,
    Britt ♥

  69. Michelle says:

    OK so my phone will not turn on! I have taken the battery out all night and then i turned it on this morning and it was still only loading halfway and then it will start over! HELP ME!

  70. Mumbo-Jumbo says:

    my dad might be getting the seek with i-wireless of kroger/sprint. They wil also be getting a new sanyo phone an i think it is the incognito. Could you people tell me which is best incase the phone they get is the incognito? Thx

  71. Mumbo-Jumbo says:

    the Seek int a bad phone!!!!!!!!!!!! Samung just wanted to make a phone that is a touchscreen but really basic for one! It might not record or view videos but thats wat a computer is for! It might not have sprint gps either but you can either get one for you car OR check wat phone you get fist and make sure it has evrything you want! Dont get a phone if it doesnt have wat you want on it. And the problems you people are having with the phone is just on yours! It doesnt mean evry seek has these problems! Get the point?!?!? Samsung made the seek for people who want a touchscreen that is a good but still basic. They meant to not have those features, if you want a phone with those, get a better samsung or other phone company!!

  72. tommy says:

    my samsung seek is broken i got it for 5 months and it totally just broke like wen i call theres no sound of the other person talking and when i turn on my phone its all blurry and plain white sometimes and i slide my phone to text the screen is upside down can somebody help me and tell me how to fix it?

  73. Mike says:

    Don't buy this phone. It is prone to lock issues with no possible resolution other than to get a new phone. The phone will read "Entering SVC Area" and will completely lock up. In looking into the problem that I am having, I have found many people are reporting this issue.

  74. Kristy says:

    I've had my phone since August 16th. It's a great phone, however just today I experienced what I've been worried about. When I have it open to the keyboard, I can't touch anything. I can type but i can't send it unless I close it. Also, I couldn't hear anything when calling my friend unless I put it on speaker. If you're experiencing these problems, please reply.

  75. Mary Hopkins says:

    Well, I hate the Samsung Seek. A few days after the 30 day return policy I went back to my LG Rumor. Hope that little beast lasts me two years, because the Seek is a total waste of money. I wouldn't get notifications of calls, I could only get voicemails that came days after someone called. I can't move my pictures from my phone to my memory card, the touch screen doesn't always work, ending calls is annoying, the alarm wouldn't work, the texting inboxes aren't intuitive, it freezes and died all the freaking time, the camera is lame. The Sprint guy said it could handle YouTube but when I went back to ask him about it, he didn't mean YouTube videos, he just meant YouTube the site. The apps are lame and the internet is good for some things but won't let you do a whole lot. Can't set contact ID text ringtones. Not enough options. God, there were so many things I hated about this phone.
    Piece of crap. Don't waste your money. I just use it as an mp3 player because I lost my iPod and, goddamn, I'd rather have a cheap $15 mp3 player for Christmas than have to use this hunk of junk. I tried taking pictures on it a few minutes ago only to realize I wouldn't be able to get them off my phone. Ugh.

  76. Juanda says:

    I have the SEEK too!! And I don't like it either..my bill is sky high. The phone randomly calls people..the internet comes on by it self. And I did find out..that this phone does not come with a memory chip. I had to have data services blocked in order not be charged for usage. Friday night I left my phone is the car and it called someone… I went to the Sprint store and called them…I got send everywhere..I was even told to call Samsung..I agree don't buy this phone.

  77. Lori says:

    My seek doesn't always ring with an incoming call. I have it in my hand, then someone emails me and said they'd just tried to call me! Anyone no how to fix this?

  78. Sejal says:

    i got a new samsung seek and i turned it off and turned it back on,, and when i turn it back on, it freezes while starting up and repeats the process over and over again, what should i do?

  79. Casey says:

    so ive had the seek for about 4 months now…..and i have enjoyed having it. the only problem i noticed about a couple weeks ago (idk if its just mine with a glitch or not) but i was going through my text messages and noticed that it deleted all the messages that people send to me….like i can touch the persons name, and see text message for a day.but if i go past a day. all i see are the messages i sent…it automatically just deleted what the other person sent! and i absolutely hate that…then again. i don't know if its just mine or what…

  80. joe says:

    I can't figure out how to put music on it. Can anyone help me? I got an SD card today and every time I drag my music into the window and disconnect my phone it doesn't add onto my phone.

  81. Marin says:


    I got it a couple months ago and really liked it at first. It's cute, looks sturdy and it was my first full keyboard that wasn't a touch screen. Then the problems came…

    1) It constantly shows the wrong time.

    2) Sometimes my messages don't go through and I get messages up to TWENTY minutes late.

    3) It doesn't support Youtube.

    4) There aren't many design/display options or functional apps.

    5) It makes this HORRIBLE beeping sound when I'm on the phone with someone.

    6) The locking capability isn't too great, so it's always calling people or going online in my pocket.

    7) After only a couple months, it BROKE.


  82. tiara says:

    Ive had my seek for almost three months and yesterday i woke up and it was froze!!!! i took the battery out of it and turned it back on and it still froze!!!! not happy with the phone at all….nothing they can do about it… you have to send it in to samsung… will take about 7-14 days to get it back and than they dont give u a replacement phone…not happy!!!! if its more than 30 days old they wont give u a temp phone to use so im phone less for two weeks not cool!!!! than there arent any apps for the darn phone…


  83. Mofire says:

    I got it in June and after a month it started to freeze, reset, and not do anything like make calls or send texts, and it couldn't receive them either. So, I replaced it with another Samsung seek. It happened again in a month or two, so I replaced it again. The third phone did the same thing, but the sprint guys somehow fixed it, but now it is doing it again. Perhaps there is a trend to this phone?

  84. samuel says:

    ok i have a seek with boostmobile i had no problems cause i bought it from my friend but this phone is a crap 1 not enough apps 2 the picture quality sucks and u cant rotate the pics 3 u c”t use the music from the sd card 4 the internet is so slow i could probably go to sleep and wake up and its still loading 5 the navigation system thats intergrated in the seek doesnt look promising 6 for the people who had there phone freezing or not turning on there is a malfunction in the phone itself and for the perdon that just posted get rid of it it sucks not worth the money 7 sometimes when i have locked messages and i delete the messages that are not locked it will be gone 8 sometimes people dont recieve my text or even the picture message and for the people that say its awesome u trippen im good with technology and this phone sucks i mean SUCKS ok now my seek is typing the my text like 3 times which is weird might need another phone now dammit

  85. samuel says:

    and the android phone they have for boost is still not good at all and i would never go to sprint even though boost is under them i would probably buy the blackberry but that phone is still not good i heard

  86. samuel says:

    for the peolpe that want to copy there music or use the music from the sd card it will not work at all so stop trying there will never be a fix for it and for youtube on this phone it wont work u cant watch any videos on this phone

  87. samuel says:

    for the people having trouble with messages dont know if it will work but when i had problems with my sanyo i would update my profile in settings and general that sometimes work for me but it might or might not but try that out

  88. Rebecca says:

    I got this phone in May 2010. I never dropped it at all! And then it started to shut off and on randomly. It wouldnt let me send text messages and i would say i have a message when really i didnt. So then I got the same kind of phone in December and I am having the same kind of problems again. I never dropped the phone at all. So have fun with it while it works cause then you will be very mad when it starts to break!

  89. samsungseeksucks says:

    I have been stuck with this piece of garbage since july so I finally bit the bullet and bought a new phone from ebay. do NOT get this phone under anycircumstances. its web browsing sucks, it doesnt charge correctly, it wont play video, it wont take videos, its camera sucks and it seems to overheat. sprint needs to stop selling this junk, i see it everytime i go to the sprint store and i want to rip it off the display and throw it.

  90. Anna says:

    ok. i have the samsung seek right? and well…ive had it for about a year, and well i like it but it bugs me so! i cant have signatures, or youtube, or GPS (i dont even know how to put GPS on it) it says it has GPS on the plan. but i cant seem to find it! and it also feezes on me pretty much all the time like when somone tries to send me a picture message that they took, and when i try to open it, my phne automaticly just freezes! i hate that! then i also kind of hate how when you slide the phone, it kind of slides out of place, like not fully straight unless you are pushing it fully straight. its a strange phone… then it turns on in my pocket (getting me in trouble in class and such because it rings) becuz the "turn on" button is on the side…its more easier to turn on. but i guess its an alright phone… :/

  91. Shelby says:

    Should i get this phone? My dad ordered it for me tonight and they gave me a 30 days to try it out and see if i like it or not. I don't know what to do, cause there's alot of bad reviews. My friend has it, and i play with it ALL The time and i love it. But she has the Boost one? So are they different? Please answer, thanks (:

    1. Jen says:

      I don't know if the boost mobile one is different then the sprint one. I have the boost one and I love it. The plan for boost is a lot better then sprint as far as I'm concerned. $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web is better the paying $69.99 for just text and 450 minuets of talking. I got my phone a few days ago and the only problem with mine is sometimes it freezes up but it doesn't stay that way and I cant set it to vibrate and ring when i receive a text message. As far as I know most of the bad reviews are coming from the sprint customers. Hope this helps

    2. no they are not but they do have over heating problems.. Mine is a boost and I have a sprint one too.. but I just got my boost one 2 weeks ago and now it says remove from charger phone is over heating..or something like that… but besides that I love it!

    3. sarah harris says:

       Kinda the same and you don’t have to worry about all the bad reviews i have a samsung seek and mine works perfectly fine and i got it just got it for a week and 6 days i love it it’s the best….

  92. roseita says:

    i got the samsung seek today and my mom has the lg rumor toch and we both agree the the seek is beter
    she says she wants to swith phones with me and is odering a seek right now she says she likes the size of the phone and the touch screen becuse everthind she has is a touch screen and she is used to but i recomend the samsung seek

  93. stephan says:

    i got this phone on thursday or friday i can't remember nut i was going to take a picture todau and i took it but it froze on the picture like it was a background so i had to turn it off then back on.has this happened to anyone???

  94. Angie says:

    I got the Seek for Christmas last year and I like it.I downloaded about 30 ringtones from myxer.com. It worked for great for the music and sound. But now when I got to My Stuff, then Ringtones, it freezes and my phone restarts by itself. I have no idea what to do:( Can anyone help??

  95. Carly says:

    i got my samsung seek last summer and it's been great but after 2 weeks the screen cracked because i dropped it but it was still doing good. This morning it worked fine. Like 10 minutes later when i got out of my house it turned off. So i turned it back on and restarted but then it froze when the sprint logo came. then i waited about 1 minute and then it restarted itself again then froze and restarted. it kept on doing that. So i tried to let it run out of batteries but it still doesn't work! It had nothing to do with the crack because I got that in the summer and now it's winter. It has nothing to do with the battery either because i tried my friend's samsung phone battery and it still freezes and restarts! HELP PLEASE! If nothing works should i turn it in and get a new phone? the freezing and restarting would be the phone's fault right? please reply to me! Thanks!

  96. marypoppins005 says:

    I have had this phone for 4 months. I like everything about it except the silly "page" that you have to "turn" to get to things. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a call while driving. There are too many steps to get through before I can actually make the call, I have to take my eyes off of the road for too long to get to it all. If I could turn off that silly "page turn" it would be great.

  97. Shawna says:

    This phone sucks! I hate it and I'm going to replace it. The hand book doesn't help you when you need it. Can't find the Micro SD card once it's installed. So don't waste your time or money with it. Texting sucks, sensitivity sucks…etc….hate being on a "call waiting". Once you hang up with one person you hang up on both. Stupid stupid stupid. I want my money back!

  98. melissa says:

    i dont know what to think. I got this phone thinking it would be better than my blackberry (the brick), lol
    but so far its not. i seem to have problems with the web, being sometimes it loads sometimes it says error even when i am in full coverage. but most of all i cant figure out how to save pictures i find on the web, like i could w blackberry, and if someone sends me a ringtone through text, how do i save it? there isnt a menu button. only the home button. if anyone can help, it would be more than appreciated. thank you!

  99. Ann says:

    Just to find a contact on this phone to call takes 10 minutes with that scroller that NEVER stops where you want it to. What a hassle it is so simple on other cell phones I have had

  100. Ashley says:

    I love my phone i have had it for a while now and like it is starting not to work like it would load when i turn it on to the flashy screen and then it would freeze and i cant do anything then it would repeat

  101. Brianna says:

    My little unlock button on the side is broke after like 6 months of using it now.
    it is so dumb too, it just turns off randomly and turns back on after awhile.
    i liked it at first, but now i just cant wait till im eligible for an upgrade..
    i would recommend it for first time phone users.

  102. God Awful Phone says:

    This phone is awful. Its good at first, but after a few months, everything breaks. I couldn't hear anyone when they called (and no it was not on mute). Touch screen failed. Turns on and off randomly without me pushing a button. It basically became a beeper. I do not recommend buying this phone. Oh, and do not try bringing it to a Sprint store, they'll just try to convince you that nothing is wrong with it. When clearly, it has no functional options except the left and right arrow keys.

  103. Angelina Lim says:

    This phone started out to be wonderful, and after a few months i started having over heating issues. i've gotten a new battery but i still have problems, the screen glitches, and lags sometimes it doesnt even register to the sprint towers. My phone now takes over 45 seconds to make a call, and someones i have service and it wont put the calls in.

  104. Meg says:

    Overall I love my phone. It's my 1st ever touch screen and it's decent in my opinion. I switched from the ENV3. My issue is earlier today I missed a call and got a voice mail. I checked the voice mail like usual and deleted it. Now the phone keeps telling me I have a missed event, when I have checked everything and I have nothing. Does anyone know how to make the damned thing go away? My phone keeps beeping and its getting on my ever loving nerve. I don't want to have to reset the entire phone, but it wont stop going off

  105. james says:

    this phone is junk owned it for a month it drops calls wont dial out but looks like its calling out doesnt do youtube pics suck i had an old nextel so i thought i would upgrade what a mistake doesnt work at my other house nextel did this phone wont even work in my kitchen in town acts like its dialing but does nothing and says call failed repeatedly so annoying for the money i would rather burn it than buy another one of these pieces of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Michael Grudzinski says:

    I've had the phone since june of 2010. I did'nt have any problems with it when I first got it but since Febuary, I have had alot of issues of the texting not showing the most recent sent or received or out of the blue messages being sent with out me touching the phone.
    The phone will also cut out of a call without me touching the phone and will not want reconnect to the call.

  107. kristin says:

    I was a new customer to Sprint in feb and got my seek, today I was taking a few pictures with it when it started shutting itself on and off and I took it to Sprint and they said it had water damage and it was caused by humidity from todays weather. They're sending me a new phone overnight monday but I'm pissed because they wouldn't give me a loaner and I have a job where I drive awhile away and I have 4 kids and it's my connection to them.

  108. kayla says:

    i love my phone, the only problem i have is getting my phone to automatically save every picture i take to my memory card. Ive done it before just cant figure out how to get it to do it again. Example: i have 4 folders of pictures in the pictures setting, id & back round folder. pictures that were on my memory card from the previous phone (same memory card) pictures i take with my phone and pictures that are on my memory card that wil upload to my computer, i cant for the life of me figure out how to get them to automatically save again.
    any hellppp is great thanks.

  109. I got this phone about a year ago. It was fine at first, but after a while things started going crazy. Pictures don’t save in the order you take them. It doesnt even come with a memory card. I’ve only dropped this phone a few times, and the side lock button is broken. I cant lock it, I have to literally wait until it locks by itself. Sometimes whileIm in the middle of typing a text or calling someone, my phone will shut off. And it wont turn back on either. And that gets my mother angry, when I tell her its not my fault my phone sucks. And I cant turn it off. If I try to charge it while it’s off, it wont. Terrible picture quality. Terrible internet, and you cant even watch videos. Im severely dissapointed in this phone. DO NOT BUY IT. It’s absolutely terrible, and annoying. I seriously cant wait until this stupid phone is out of my life.

  110. This phone sucks. We have had to repair it twice and it took over 10 days to get it back on the first repair. The second time we tried to upgrade to a better (no slide) phone and Sprint charged me a provisioning fee. I’m going to become an ATT or Verizon customer very soon.

  111. Endlesslyshesaid07 says:

    this phone is HORRIBLE. I now have my fourth seek and every time i get a new one, it works well for about 3 months and then breaks. when i push the space bar in my texting, it freezes the phone every single time. this is crap.

  112. sarah harris says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the facebook  myspace,and twitter apps some people said to download the facebook app on the site should ?

    1. Foreverloverbaby says:

      You go to your photos and then hit the more button at the bottom, and then it says.. save photos to your memory card. i used to have this phone so i believe that’s how:)

  113. Jamie <3 says:

    this phone sucks ballz. i honestly hope no one gets this, i recommend you dont. it cant record video (whay kind of phpne cant record video ?!), the texts arent in order, my twitter short cut hasnt worked since the day i got it (a year ago), and the facebook app doesnt work after about 6 months of having it. on top of all that, the internet is SO slow. please, no one get this phone.

  114. Barnes1234 says:

    Ive had this phine for like a year and a half…..and its TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! The touch screen wont work at all and i can no longer call people bc the speaker wont work anymore. The phone turns off and on whenever it pleases. What a great phone, right?:(

  115. Gabby . says:

    lol this phone really does suck. it turns off every 5 seconds . & in the iddle of messages too . they need to give me a new one . this piece of crapp sucks . 

  116. Elianderson says:

    Worst phone ever. A wannabe smart phone that is very stupid. This phone was obviously never consumer tested and is very user unfriendly.  Pocket dials, over and over again. 90% of the time or more that I remove it from my pocket, it is doing some random task or on like the 3rd minute of a pocket dial. It calls voice mail constantly! No, really, like 20 times a day. No video. No voice recording. The mp3 player is sad. Pocket dialing. The texting sucks. It has a bunch of useless apps and features that you cannot disable, like myspace. Pocket dials. A brand new phone that has a myspace app? What is this 2006? Really? The web is as lame as phones that cost $20 and I have seen it go for as high as $150. And the pocket dials are nerve racking! 

  117. Dalla_dim3 says:

    I bought this phone less than a year ago and it shuts off on its own the net is slow theres no zoom on the cam  now it wont let me recieve txts or send them idk if im even getting allcalls or not but the only thing it lets me do is call out

  118. Leah Shear says:

    In the first three months of using this phone the silent stopped working, when I put it on silent it vibrates instead. It pocket dials, freezes, shuts off, extremely slow. Not the worst phone I’ve ever owned, but it’s up there.

    1. Thalia says:

      i have the same phone and it is not the worst phone and i agree it is slow it turns off when it is in my pocket and me screen is copletly blck and i cant use it now but i am going to get a new one soon.

      1. Loveme1and4eber says:

        o am having the same exact problem idk what to do because my two year contract isnt up until may or june i really dont want to be phoneless until then

  119. Ccd229 says:

    this phone is garbage my last one wouldnt let me call people unless i used it on speaker then the touch screen broke so i got a neww one but two days lator it started hitting random buttons in the menu doing whatever it wants…this phone belongs in the toilet.

  120. Shinobnr says:

    Yup. This phone is junk. The alignment is way off. I click the left side of the screen it goes to the right. I can’t end calls without taking out the battery and I can answer them either. I can’t even sends texts anymore. 

  121. Loveme1and4ever says:

    my phone screen is completely black i cant see anything the other day i slid my phone then that way it was black the next it was when the screen  was that way then yesterday it was both ways i cant see anything now text anyone the only thing i can do now is kinda answer calls but i cant make them nor see who is calling. this all just started the other day before that it only shut off by itself alot and all of the other problems it came with but my contract isnt up until may or june what should i do????

  122. Ambwash1300 says:

    How Do u Disconnect Samsung Seek From The Web? And One Other Thing, How do u Set Personal Ringtones So if someone else sent u how do u set way they sent?

  123. Puppy_girl1980 says:

    I hate this phone a lot ._. …..Freezes all the time. Turns on and off constantly. Yesterday i slip open the keyboard and a piece fell off…I’m like…Wooowwwww ._.

  124. Lucas Oliver Clove says:

    THIS PHONE SUCKS. Even as im typing this, it is charging, and the screen loads up, then goes back, and loads again, and it has been doing this for 45 minutes. i hate this phone with a burning passion, it takes half the battery to send a picture, WHEN it works, the picture quality is horrible, turns itself on when ITS ALREADY ON, i cant hear anything when im on the phone, pointless apps, if i open facebook it crashes my phone, no video, doesnt lock, SHITTIEST PHONE EVER. Oh, and my phone, by the way, IS STILL NOT TURNING ON! no one should ever buy this phone. ive been stuck with it for 2 years and cannot wait to get a new one in 3 months or so. 

  125. Embem171 says:

    Well, I just found out my phone doesn’t ring or vibrate anymore. I was looking for a possible solution. I found this site and was feeling a bit defensive after reading all the comments … I have enjoyed my phone. I’ve never tried to use video so I went to the camera to see if it could … and now my camera isn’t working either. So. Blah. Ya’ll have convinced me. The phone I thought I loved, indeed sucks.

  126. S A says:

    I got my Samsung Seek about three years ago. It still works and all, though. However, it’s been pretty glitchy as of recent; the screen keeps blacking out and getting stuck on the screen that shows when the keyboard is slid out. I guess you could say i’m content with this phone, but there is the issue that it ‘tries to act like a smart phone’. You can’t do much else but send texts and call people when you don’t have the data plan. and when you do have the data plan, everything sucks so much that it isn’t worth the bill to keep the data plan.
    So, I would suggest that unless you want to get a phone with a bunch of crappy features that are too expensive to use, don’t get this phone. I’m only content with it because it is easy to text on.

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