Asus Planning a Mobile Phone Toting Netbook

To make live easier while on the move the desktop computer changed to the laptop, then to make things more portable came the netbook and then Apple stepped into the game with their iPad, but to make these truly mobile what they all lack is mobile phone integration.

Well that may well be on its way as according to and article over on i4u by way of a report on the Inquirer, Asus is planning on delivering a netbook that features a slot in mobile phone, making the device truly mobile and very convenient.

The mobile phone will be manufactured by an Israeli company called Modu and is called the Modu-p which features a variety of faceplates and accessories and is already apparently on sale.

The idea behind the Asus netbook and Modu-p phone is the user uses one SIM card, one data plan for two 3G devices. With the iPhone and iPad for example to take advantage of both you have to purchase and sync data between both devices with the Asus netbook and Modu-p, you just slip the mobile phone into the netbook.

Sounds like a good idea to me, what do you think? Would you buy an Asus netbook that included a mobile phone, or would you rather stick with the more traditional way of doing things and keep them separate?

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