Everything Everywhere Slammed by Vodafone CEO

Apparently the CEO of Vodafone, Guy Laurence has some kind of issue with the new name of rivals T-Mobile and Orange join venture, Everything Everywhere reports an article over on mobile today and Laurence slammed the new moniker.

It would appear that Laurence has taken umbrage over the naming of said joint venture and has said “I wasn’t surprised that they called it Everything Everywhere as my view is that they are all over the place.”

In response to Vodafone’s CEO, a spokesperson for Everything Everywhere stated “Once our networks are fully combined we do expect to have coverage all over the place so we are delighted to see our competitors taking note.”

The CEO’s remark is in keeping with Vodafone’s stance as last year a Vodafone campaign saw recruitment vans parked outside the Bristol HQ of Orange encouraging Orange employees to swap to Vodafone, and a spokeswoman for Vodafone said that “That was Guy’s idea too.”

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