HTC Desire Price Battle: 3 Store vs. Carphone Warehouse

If you are looking at buying the HTC Desire you need to know where the best place online is to purchase, well today we are putting 3 Mobile and Carphone Warehouse side-by-side and see who comes out on top.

There are some amazing deals online and cheap at that, but we came across SIM Basics and they reveal that 3 Mobile is offering an amazing deal for the HTC Desire for only £17 per month on contract.

The source above goes on to say that 3 Store is offering this deal on the Internet Talker plan with 100 texts and 100 minutes each month to use any time and to any network, you also get unlimited free 3-to-3 calls and unlimited Internet. This deal is based on a 24-month contract. Now the funny thing is when you click the link to 3 Store via SIM Basics it does not take you to the page it should take you to, so we looked a little into it.

All we could find are these plans, we cannot find the HTC Desire Internet Talker plan deal for £17 per month, and so we are calling out to SIM Basics to show us please.

You can also get a stunning deal via Carphone Warehouse; they are offering the HTC Desire for free from £25 per month, please check that deal out here, this price is on the Vodafone network.


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