iPhone Rather Than BlackBerry Offered by UK Bank

Could the iconic iPhone finally be breaking into traditional BlackBerry territory as according to an article over on i4u by way of a Reuters report, British Standard Chartered Bank is giving their employees the option to switch from their BlackBerry smartphone to the iPhone.

Word has it that the bank began a month ago migrating corporate email from BlackBerry to the iPhone and the bank has agreed to continue to pay monthly billing for business related phone and data services.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is still the leader in the smartphone segment being solidly established within the corporate sector, and it’s a given that hardcore BlackBerry users will never switch to the iPhone, but apparently there are a great deal of “corporate casual users” which given the option would choose the iPhone over BlackBerry.

An unnamed Singapore based spokeswoman for Standard Chartered Bank told Reuters, “It’s a group wide initiative involving wholesale and consumer banks globally.”

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