HTC Desire Reviews, Apps, Accessories and Problems

We want to know everything about the HTC Desire and this is where you step in, we would love for you to send in your personal reviews, what apps are the best and of course any problems you have encountered.

Recent news from HTC is that the Desire has now been announced for release in Hong Kong and Singapore (Source – SoftPedia) if you know of any hot news surrounding this device, please do use the comment area provided below.

There have been issues with 3G, GPS and a few other things but we have not tested this handset so we do not know nothing about this other than reading about them online, and this is where we would like for you to come forward and let us know if you have had issues with this phone.

We would also like to hear from you about HTC Desire accessories, what accessory have you bought, where from, how much, and of course your little review on these products also.

There are many apps out there but you must have a favourite one, what are they and why do you like them, you have probably installed apps that are basically a waste of time and we would love to read your comments about them also.

What is the software and hardware like? Does the phone work well for you? Is the phone responsive? Is it a good phone or just basic rubbish? Please let us know what you know as it will give our other readers an insight whether to buy it or not. Thanks

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