Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Presentation Videos

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform has one big job ahead and that job is to convince developers to jump aboard the Windows Phone 7 ship and sail along and thus has pushed out several presentation videos of Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team.

Of course we have those videos for your visual consumption which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at wmpoweruser, by way of wildpockets, and they note that Microsoft’s Dave Drach mentions that Java will be supported in Windows Phone 7.

If you are into all this techie stuff and want to watch the videos in their entirety I suggest you grab a coffee or your preferred beverage, and get comfortable because in total the four videos run for nearly twenty-five minutes although they are a tad blurry.

Suffice to say I won’t let go into detail on what the Microsoft Phone 7, which is coming together with the KIN phones as reported (here), presentation delivers as it would defeat the point of the videos, so head on down with your beverage, relax and mash the play buttons to check them out…enjoy.

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