Kin and Windows Phone 7 coming together

Microsoft recently announced their new category of mobile phones namely the Kin devices which are said to provide access at all times to social networking sites.

According to a recent article over at softpedia.com the phones which are available now from Verizon Wireless in the United States asks customers who will acquire either the Kin One or the Kin Two to sign up for a minimum monthly $70 service fee.

The two Kin devices are aimed to feel the needs for those people who live rather active social lives. The data plan for the Kin is $30 which is included in the $70 monthly fee mentioned previously. Some customers have reported that these fees are high especially when you consider that the Kin phones are not actually Smartphones.

Now, however, Microsoft and Verizon have responded to the feedback that they have received stating that the plans are sustained by the features of the Kin especially the capability to automatically back up videos and other data into the cloud.

Both Verizon and Microsoft see the Kin devices as social networking phones and a spokesperson for Verizon Brenda Raney says exactly the same. The cloud based automatic syncing is expected to generate a lot of internet traffic which it is felt should be covered with the monthly fee.

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