HTC EVO 4G vs. HTC HD2 Comparison Video

While at the Sprint HTC EVO 4G event in New York, the guys over at pocket now managed to grab some hands-on playtime with the much talked about first 4G smartphone and even had time to make a video comparison between the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC HD2.

The video comparison which lasts almost eight minutes compares the HTC EVO 4G hardware against the HTC HD2 but also compares the software against the Google Nexus One superphone.

Download speed wise they found the HTC EVO 4G to be on average 2mbps but it’s a fair judgement of the HTC EVO 4G’s speeds as they used a 4G tower on a special van outside the event.

So with that said I’ll shut up now so you can head on down to that comparison video and check it out for yourselves, and if you feel in the mood why not drop us your thoughts in a comment below…enjoy.


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