HTC Evo 4G: Why Should I Pay $10 Per Month for Sprint Service?

So the good news is that the HTC EVO 4G is all ready for pre-order with its release date being June 4, just a quick recap before we talk about the Sprint 4G service.

The HTC Evo 4G will cost you on contract $299.99 with a $100 mail-in rebate, which basically means $199 and you can read about where to buy them on an earlier article we published. You can also pre-order via RadioShack and if you order within a certain date you will receive free $20 accessories gift card with a $50, this smartphone off contract will cost around $450.

All those that decide to purchase this handset will be subject to pay $10 per month extra for Sprint’s 4G service, and it does not matter if you live in a 4G-enabled city according to PC Mag.

For a single user there is a plan called ‘Everything Data plan’ for 3G-enable mobile phones and runs at $70 a month, add on the $10 a month and that leaves you with a staggering $80 per month. The minimum plan offers unlimited texting and data plus 450 minutes.

You can use the phone as a wireless hotspot for $30 per month, please let us know if you have pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G and we really would like to know if you would Pay $10 Per Month for Sprint Service?


4 thoughts on “HTC Evo 4G: Why Should I Pay $10 Per Month for Sprint Service?”

  1. Chuck says:

    The 70 buck plan also gives you free mobile to mobile calls to mobiles on ANY carrier. That is a huge part of that plan and worth noting. It also starts nights and weekends at 7, unlike 9 for other carriers.

    With that said, the 10 bucks for 4g being required is rediculous, but not a deal killer for me.

    1. Robert says:

      $80 a month is still a hell of a lot cheaper than you will get on AT&T or Verizon.. Only T-Mobile has cheaper plans but with my Nexus One on T-Mobile their coverage area is pretty small and their 3G data area is even smaller….. I think a 500 minute per month plan with unlimited text and web on Verizon or AT&T cost around $90 per month and that isn't even UNLIMITED text.. On Verizon it's 5000 plus unlimited to other Verizon phones and your nights start at 9 instead of 7 on Sprint and with Sprint you get unlimited calls to other mobile phones no matter the network (90% of my cell phone calls are to other cell phones)

    1. Jah says:

      I went on ahead myself and pre-ordered an Evo. I would say I don't care about the extra $10 a month because all new technologies come with a premium. If you compare this to previous developments with verizon and their Fios high-speed, they don't charge you Regular DSL prices they charge you premium "Fios" prices. The argument of $10 being a big deal is invalid to me. Times change and I believe that $10 premium won't last long once 4G is more available. The Hot spot feature is not a bad deal to me either. I pay $42 a month for cable internet that has about equal performance minus the the hardware that is needed to route my connection to other sources- therfore I believe that if you have the need for this particular feature, $30 ain't bad. The Iphone and AT&T have had their reign, now its time for something new. All in all I can say that I will be proudly envied by my Iphone lovin friends when they see the thing.

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