Motorola Moto VE440 Review (Metro PCS): It is good?

If you own the Motorola Moto VE440 (Metro PCS) mobile phone we would love to hear from you, we would like for you to send us your reviews and if you are having any problems with the handset please tell us about them.

There are a few good things about this phone, it is a decent little music player really and the 3.5mm headset jack is a bonus, ok this phone is a little dated now but there are still many users and new customers that would like to read reviews and what problems it may be having.

Because it has a built-in music player you need good storage and this phone has a microCD card slot for up to 8GB cards, the music player only works with the microSD card inside. You can play AAC, AAC+ and MP3 formats and even save songs as ringtones.

Anyway, please do send us your personal reviews on the Motorola Moto VE440 (Metro PCS), is it a good phone or a bad one. Are you having problems with the handset? If you are please tell us in the comments area below.


10 thoughts on “Motorola Moto VE440 Review (Metro PCS): It is good?”

  1. Meg says:

    I bought one for my husband and 3 days after he got it, the mic stopped working! He could hear everyone he called but we couldn't hear him. He tried resetting it to default settings and that worked for a day or 2 then it went right back to the same problem again. We are taking it in to corporate tonight because this is BS for a $89 phone!

    1. Daniel says:

      Meg, this just happened to me after having the phone for less than a week! I moved to DC from LA in during this time and there is no metro PCS stores around. What happened with yours? Did you get it replaced? I really need to fix this!!!! please help!!!!!!

  2. javon says:

    I wouldnt recommend this phone. the camera has no flash and you have to stand in light to get a decent picture. also the 0 or zero key doesnt work when texting.

  3. Karina says:

    Javon, in order to get the 0 or zero key working you go to Options, 1. Entry mode, 5.123 and to switch back to letters go to Options, 1. Entry Mode, 3. Abc and they you go Javon.

  4. Karina says:

    Meg. Did you go back to the MetroPCS store where you brought the phone at? You could tell them the problems you're happening with your phone and they'll give you a paper which is called a Service Ticket. That's what I did with my other phone and they give me a brand new one and I never again had problems with my phone.

  5. Richie says:

    You can put a zero in text just hold the zero key for about 3 seconds, this also works for any other number. Im having trouble with the music player, it stoped letting me put songs in playlists. Instead it just shows me a “Operation failed. Song not put in playlist” message.

  6. Rachel says:

    I have had this phone for a couple months less than a year. It's been shutting down whenever it wants, sometimes my internet won't even start up. Now just recently i took a picture and it said "unable to save picture" then it shuts down and says unable to start camera. Next thing i knew all my pictures and ringtones are gone but i also have no memory to hold anything.

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