HTC EVO 4G Stock Android or Sense UI Option from Sprint

For all you Android lovers out there who are waiting to grab hold of the WiMAX surfing Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone according to an article over on pocket now, those users who prefer the HTC Sense experience can now leave the Sense UI on by default.

So Android users can opt to turn off HTC Sense UI if they prefer to have the stock Android experience running on their Sprint HTC EVO 4G handset so they get a Nexus One feel.

And well as the Nexus One is no longer coming to Sprint as reported (here) allowing the user to turn off HTC Sense UI makes the HTC EVO 4G Sprint’s answer to the Nexus One, thus the user gains the best of both worlds especially as Google is now backing the HTC EVO 4G.

We have a video demonstration for your viewing pleasure below showing you just how to turn off the Sense UI which lasts almost a minute and comes courtesy of the guys over at android central, so hit it up and check it out.


3 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Stock Android or Sense UI Option from Sprint”

  1. monkeyboy says:

    yeah – can the Evo have a stock Android image installed onto it ? See that's become my main gripe. I want the latest Android on Sprint. Just upgraded my Hero to 2.1 and the day after of course 2.2 is released or announced for immediate release.

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