iPhone 4G Launch Release same as HTC Incredible New Stock Date

Two amazing phones that you all want to know about is the Apple iPhone 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible, you are all playing the waiting game for the next-gen iPhone and now you are waiting for the Verizon HTC smartphone.

These two smartphones have taken over the net with millions of searchers looking for more information about them, we know we are playing the waiting game for the iPhone 4G release date so we can understand considering it hypes things up, but for the HTC to have been released with Verizon and now yet another delay due to stock.

The Verizon HTC Droid Incredible has now been delayed again until June 6th or 7th, due to parts shortage. This is not good at all because if Apple releases the iPhone 4G / HD there could be a possibility that customers will opt for this new device.

What we are getting at is the fact the iPhone 4G / HD launch release that could possibly be at WWDC is June 7; it is a little strange how Verizon will have more stock from June 6/7 isn’t it.

Apple, if you do launch the new iPhone please make sure you have everything in place where you can keep up with demand unlike the iPad UK delay for example. You know that this new smartphone will fly of the shelves all across the world so be prepared.

Are you still waiting for your HTC Incredible? If you are please vent your frustration below in the comments area.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Launch Release same as HTC Incredible New Stock Date”

  1. Plas says:

    I remember waiting around in hospitals for the birth of my children,.. i remember waiting for the last day of school… i remember waiting the last few days before i could get my drivers license.. i even remember the eager anticipation of christmas as a kid…. i say there is no waiting is worse than than waiting for a new phone!!!

  2. eric says:

    I ordered the incredible a week ago on the 10th. My one question is does that mean I won’t get mine till the 7th? Or the date which was posted when I ordered it? If the iphone 4G was being released to verizon I’d go with that for sure.

  3. Nick says:

    I am disappointed about the long wait, but it should be worth it. AT&T has spotty coverage in the surrounding areas of Omaha. Why would i care about an iPhone if i can't use it? Verizon is finally getting some great alternatives and the Droid Incredible is better than the iPhone in some areas. Mainly COVERAGE!! I will wait. It looks Incredible!!!

  4. BJ Mickel-Close says:

    I too have pre-ordered the Incredible. I thought it was strange that one one page on Verizon said it would ship BY May31st, then on another page it said shipping would be NO LATER than June 1st!

  5. Raul says:

    the only mobile that I am crossing my fingers for is for the HTC EVO i want it in the UK.!! even if we don't have the 4G in London I don't really care still an amazing device!

  6. Ramani says:

    I wonder if the HTC Incredible will be released in Middle East ( UAE ) during the same time ! I am waiting for it restlessly to grab it. Its gonna give iPhone 4G a run for its money.

  7. Danielle says:

    I too am waiting for the Incredible. My upgrade date is tomorrow and for weeks I’ve been counting down to the date, but I’m quite disappointed at having to wait even longer. It’s pretty upsetting to me.

  8. Jason says:

    Why the delay. This is rediculous!! Hope this is not an indication of the phone's reliability itself. I may switch to the iphone if they don't get off their behinds.

  9. Fernie says:

    Is there anyway to buy thix HTC Incredible if I'm here and living in Qatar? I've search all the dealers and mobile shops but didn't find one.
    Thanks in advance,

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