HTC Incredible Update: Verizon Stock Crisis puts Motorola Droid Ahead

The HTC Incredible is definitely what it says “Incredible”, bit part shortages is putting the Motorola Droid ahead in sales. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has said that the Droid Incredible would definitely outsell the Motorola smartphone, but parts shortage has stopped this.

McAdam was interviewed by MSNBC, he went on to say that as soon as the parts start coming in again it would definitely outsell the Motorola Droid. The Incredible is selling very fast and so much so as soon as Verizon gains stocks they sell straight away.

Verizon has sold 100,000 units, as soon as the phones arrive in store they are gone in a matter of hours. Verizon’s online site now says ‘Due to high demand, this device will ship by 6/7’ this is a major setback for sales.

Please let us know what you think of the above, have you tried getting your Droid Incredible with no success? Please post all your comments below as this is the place to vent all what you need to say for everyone to see.

If you do have one of these smartphones in your hands please send in your reviews here, thanks.

Source – BGR


5 thoughts on “HTC Incredible Update: Verizon Stock Crisis puts Motorola Droid Ahead”

  1. G non says:

    dad refuses to order yet because of the 6/1 ship date… he said let's order last week of may… but now it won't ship till 6/7… damn… am I going to have to wait until July? or wait for every a better phone to come out…?

  2. Gage says:

    Yes I have tried to get one in early May, and was told that it was out of stock, and would only be in at the end of May. Now this isn't a big disappointment, although I would like to buy the phone at a Verizon store, incase I need to return it, it is easy. But having such high demand, confirms that it is a very good phone, and is starting to make some real fans of the Droid OS, and HTC. I would like to see what Samsung or LG would be like with the Droid OS on some of their future releases.

  3. guest says:

    I like Verizon, but it always seems that they are scewing up all the time. They hype up a phone, tell people to buy it and then, they tell people that they have to wait to get it. I dont need a phone that bad. By the time the incredible comes out, a new and better phone will be coming out. Oh ya, and then what , wait three months after the launch date to get one. Verizon get with the program, your loosing ground.

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