Apple iPhone HD patent for heartbeat recognition

The iPhone HD could be closer to your heart than you think. According to a recent article from the guys over at ozcarguide.com which gives us further information about the very much talked about Apple iPhone HD.

As I am sure you are all aware the iPhone HD has been spotted so far three times once on that famous floor of a bar in CA and twice since in Vietnam, which just in case you didn’t see it you can catch it here.

Now, although these phones were disassembled and closely analyzed they didn’t feature the production ready OS. Therefore being unable to test the hardware with the right software some of the features Apple have intended for it’s iPhone HD would be still hidden far away from our prying eyes.

That is of course unless you were clever enough to check the US patent office for a recent list of patent’s filed by the Cupertino company. That’s where Apple’s heartbeat recognition technology for the iPhone HD has been spotted.

The device will recognise your heartbeat as a signature. Thus enabling you to unlock your device by touch alone. The patent also goes into mood recognition, basically meaning your iPhone HD will be able to tell whether or not you are stressed at the time. Whatever next? Share your thoughts and opinions on this somewhat strange report.


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