iPhone 4G / HD another one this time in Vietnam

A really interesting article has just surfaced over at gadgetsdna.com in relation to the next generation iPhone 4G 16GB.

Some chaps over at Taoviet which is a Vietnamese website have managed to get themselves a nice iPhone 4G which actually looks very similar to the one which Gizmodo managed to get hold of after it was left in a bar.

There are some little differences though namely a pair of screws at the bottom of the device are no longer there so could this be a step closer in the right direction to the actual model which will be the retail device.

The chaps over at Taoviet have also ripped the device to pieces as did Gizmodo which shows an Apple branded processor and more. Apparently the N90 which is on the white sticker is rumoured to be the codename for Apple’s next generation GSM iPhone. We’ll just have to wait and see not long now though hopefully just a few weeks until WWDC.

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