iPhone 4G Ads Campaign Poll: Apple Girl vs. Lady Gaga

Yesterday we mentioned that Lady Gaga could possibly be the girl in the new iPhone 4G Ads, and then we said that we would prefer Applegirl002. We stand by our word and so much so we have put a poll together where you can vote who you would like to be on the ads and promotions.

Ok Lady Gaga is a very successful artist, but come on do we really need her grabbing a new iPhone putting it between her breasts and no doubt see her wearing some crazy costume whilst making love to the device (I think not).

Let the world see how good Applegirl002 is and you will see how popular she becomes, she is in a room on her own with a few Apple iPhone’s pushing out tunes that are pure amazing, she is not wearing stupid clothes, getting half naked, and no massive band is needed.

Apple Girl can be seen in the two videos below where she uses a number of iPhones to create beats; she then sings ‘Irreplaceable’ by Beyonce and ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga.

This pretty unknown AppleGirl002 really needs to come forward and let us here at phonesreview.co.uk learn more about her, we think you are an amazing singer, your very attractive and definitely talented and we believe you should be on the forefront of all iPhone 4G marketing campaigns, ads, promotions etc.

Please answer our poll question below; all you need to do is tick who you would prefer Apple to use. Please watch the two videos provided via YouTube first and then go to the poll and click either Lady Gaga or ApplGirl002. Thanks

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