iPhone 4G almost AT&T change upgrade dates

We can pretty much all agree that the next generation iPhone is about as confirmed as it’s going to be for now anyway. As we know traditionally Apple launch a new iPhone during the month of June.

Now according to a recent article over at softpedia.com we hear that AT&T are also in the process of changing the upgrade eligibility dates for the current iPhone 3GS users more than likely to enable them to get their hands on the new device as soon as it becomes available.

Although nothing has been exactly confirmed by the carrier, customers however, have noticed that their upgrade eligibility date on their accounts has been changed from November to June which in itself confirms that the carrier is preparing for the upcoming launch.

Although Apple haven’t yet announced the new iPhone it is expected that this is going to happen during WWDC which is set to start on June 7th. The new device is said to come with a much better camera with flash on the back and also a front facing camera as well. The platform known currently as iPhone OS 4.0 is to bring an enhanced user experience including multitasking capabilities plus much more.

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