iPhone Guru Steve Jobs for President? Video

Yes folks apparently US President Obama isn’t doing that good a job at running America and Adobe Flash hater Steve Jobs would do a better job according to political pundit and comedian Bill Maher reports an article over on Mashable.

The reason for this is apparently Obama recently claimed that he doesn’t know how to work an Apple iPod, and Bill Maher’s solution to this devastating news is to elect iPhone Guru Steve Jobs to “push forward America.”

We have the video of Bill Maher’s show for your viewing pleasure below which lasts almost eight minutes of letting everyone know what’s wrong with America these days including the inability to change, change. The Jobs part hits about 2.25 into the video.

Although a hilarious look at why Steve Jobs would run America better than Obama, would anyone really want the Apple CEO in command of the entire US? Check out the video below…enjoy, and drop us a comment on your thoughts as to whether you think Steve Jobs would make a good US president or not.

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