iPhone Maker Foxconn Sees Yet Another Death

I’m sure more of you have heard about all the suicides plaguing iPhone manufacturer Foxconn , well it appears the deaths keep on rolling up at the company as the Telegraph reports another death has taken place under strange circumstances.

According to Gizmodo, apparently a 21 year old fell from a 7th floor window at one of Foxconn’s dormitories in Shenzhen and had “several” knife cuts and a “dagger” was found at the scene. Although the death mimics that of previous suicides the death has not yet been ruled as one.

We have previously covered the Foxconn suicide story which can be viewed (here), but the increasing number of attempted suicides at the iPhone manufacturing plant looks to indicate that there is a deeper problem within the company.

The Telegraph’s Malcolm Moore points out that nine of the suicides have been 25 year olds who have only been working for Foxconn for less than 6 months. Apparently Foxconn is at a loos on how to halt the suicides and has even drafted in a Buddhist monk to attempt to rid the factory of any “evil spirits.”

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