Nexus One: Is the Google Phone a Flop? Vote Now

A few days ago we reported that the Google Nexus One (N1) phone would stop selling online and go retail worldwide, the question is “Is the Google Phone a Flop?”

Google wanted to see how far they could go by just selling this Android phone online only, but it has now been said that they will partner up with multiple carriers to sell the Nexus One in stores.

Verizon and Sprint said no to the N1 in favour of the HTC Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G, kind of makes you think if the Nexus One is dead in the water floating off into the sunset and the dropping over the edge of a waterfall, is it time we should say goodbye to the N1 or is there a little life there still for the handset.

There were problems with 3G and Google said it was nothing their side, would many consumers rather have the HTC Incredible? It goes to prove how popular the Incredible is they cannot keep up with sales due parts shortage.

Anyway, below you will see our poll question, please click an appropriate field that suits you. Oh and please do send in any comments you have on what we have said above.

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2 thoughts on “Nexus One: Is the Google Phone a Flop? Vote Now”

  1. Ken Mckean says:

    The problem with the Nexus1 was Google’s approach to selling sit-up the phone is brilliant and if it has failed then blame Google NOT HTC

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