Rogers Sued for $600,000 for Revealing Affair

Fancy making a few bucks from a mobile operator? All you need do is have an affair then when your mobile phone operator sends in your bill and your partner finds out you sue the operator for a cool princely sum. Well that’s basically what is happening with Rogers Wireless over in Canada.

According to a report by the guys over at mobile syrup, via The Star, Gabriella Nagy of Toronto is suing Rogers claiming that due to Rogers billing procedures her husband has found out she is having an affair, and thus is asking for a cool $600,000 for invasion of privacy and breach of contract.

Back in 07 Nagy held her Rogers mobile phone account in her maiden name which was sent to her home, and her husband was the account holder for their cable TV and happened to decide to bundle everything together and get a single invoice sent to their home which included an itemised phone bill.

On receiving the phone bill the husband noticed several long calls to the same number, found out his wife was having an affair and left. Nagy says she trusted Rogers with her personal information, that they had a contract and that she had put her life in their hands.

Nagy claims her husband used the private and confidential info that Rogers disclosed and furthermore claims that Rogers unilaterally terminated their contract with her which had been in her maiden name and included it in her husbands account.

Rogers said that they consolidated the invoicing being provided to Nagy and her husband and in doing so would result in savings to them both for services. However Rogers denies terminating the contract and states they cannot be held responsible for the conditions of a marriage, for Nagy’s affair and the resulting marriage break-up.


One thought on “Rogers Sued for $600,000 for Revealing Affair”

  1. Torn says:

    ha ha ha!! nice way to cover for her shame and blame it on the phone bill. That is so desperate to find sympathy and turn away the fact she was cheating! I dont know I can look at this differently and consider that it was a scam to make money and create this affair story.

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